Relocating Your Stolen Assets

I’d like to applaud a site I came across recently: . They catalog and promote information to help find stolen cars, trailers and all kinds of personal property. The good news is that there a people who recover cars and trailers and post that information. The bad news is that I see a campers, cars and motorbikes that are missing for an extended amount of time and are in rough shape if and when the property comes back. Rocky Mountain Tracking Smart Trackers are inexpensive and far less than the $400 and $500 rewards I’m seeing on the site. If youRead More

The Importance of Securing Your Assets

One of our customers in California recently had his classic car stolen. The car is a restored-high-performance 1964 Impala with super-nice custom paint. He had installed a $150 Smart TrackerTM in the car in case it was stolen. Rocky Mountain Smart Trackers can be installed on a vehicle or trailer and activated at a later date. He had also installed the Smart TrackerTM himself with a simple 2 wire installation. When our customer found his car was missing he went online to the Rocky Mountain Tracking website ( and activated the tracker. Once activated he called police with the locationRead More

Transporting Goods On Dangerous Routes: The Importance of Tracking Devices

Tracking devices can help drivers that have to pass through dangerous routes feel safer while also protecting cargo. Call RMT for fleet tracking devices today.

When most of us see trucks on the road, they are traveling the usual routes (most of the time, they are traveling the sames routes that we travel by car). While we never think about those trucks that drive on more treacherous routes, that’s the reality of the transportation business. Some truck drivers pass through frozen areas that are slippery and dangerous while others drive through areas that are known for a lot of truck hijacking and crime. What do these drivers do when they are out of range of help or can’t defend the contents of a truck onRead More

Heavy Machinery: Buy or Rent?

If you are buying your own heavy machinery, installing a GPS tracking device will more than pay off.

There comes a time in some business owner’s lives when the choice to buy heavy machinery or rent various items has to be made. This type of machinery is anything but cheap, and buying can make sense in a lot of cases. On the flipside, renting machinery can also make sense depending on your situation. If you’re currently trying to make this tough decision, here are some of the things you’ll want to consider prior to making that choice. Your Budget: Top Consideration It makes sense to look at your current budget in order to figure out whether or notRead More

OnStar Can be Easily Hacked

Did you know that OnStar systems can be hacked into? Protect your vehicle with the help of a GPS tracker from Rocky Mountain Tracking.

In order to test out OnStar’s vulnerability, a researcher by the name of Samy Kamkar created a device that he called ‘OwnStar.’ OwnStar is a small device (roughly the size of a router) that uses WiFi to break into OnStar systems. When testing out this device, Kamkar found that not only could he break into OnStar systems, but he could also do things like start a car’s engine, unlock doors, and use remote location systems to find a vehicle. While Kamkar doesn’t plan on becoming a car thief, the security test did point out some major flaw with the popularRead More

What GPS Can do for Fleet Management

What can GPS tracking devices do for your fleet? Here’s some information that you probably didn’t know.

If you run any kind of business that requires the ownership of a fleet, you’ll be doing yourself and your business a lot of good if you install GPS tracking devices on all of the vehicles in your fleet. Why does GPS make a difference? Here are some of the reasons why installing GPS trackers on all the vehicles that you own will benefit your business in a big way. Cutting back on fuel costs: most people don’t think about GPS tracking when it comes to fuel prices, but if you are paying a lot in fuel (and you areRead More

Why Driverless Cars are Being Debated

Are driverless cars really safe even if they come with gps trackers and other equipment? Call us today for a gps tracker for your own car!

When manufacturers and Internet companies started to create driverless cars one of the reasons for creating these cars was that they are safer. It was largely assumed that driverless cars were on the safer side because humans can make mistakes, but machines are less likely to make those same mistakes. However, this may not be the case. Instead, driverless cars may be just as dangerous (or more) than cars controlled by humans. GPS Trackers Make Things Safer A lot of autonomous cars on the current market use GPS trackers to make sure that routes are followed and that cars remainRead More

Renting Construction Equipment Safely

How can you protect your heavy machinery rental company? Here are some tips. Call RMT today for a fleet tracking option.

Industrial equipment can be very expensive – just a large industrial tractor can cost anywhere from $75,000 to more than $150,000. So if you’re running a business that involves renting out machinery, you’ll want to do everything within your power to make sure that whoever you are renting to will take care of your equipment. Aside from locking up your machinery every night and surrounding it with guard dogs and a security guard or two, what else can you do to make sure that the equipment you are renting out is in good hands? If you run an industrial equipmentRead More

Distracted Driving Doesn’t Just Apply to Teens

Do you pick up the phone while driving? Here are some ways to break that habit. Call RMT today for a GPS tracking device for your car.

There’s a lot of talk about teenage drivers texting while driving, but adults are just as guilty of picking up the phone while driving as teens are – sometimes more guilty. Despite the fact that many states have implemented cellphone laws (and phones are even illegal to use while driving in many states), adults are still found using phones while driving across the nation. Why is this happening, and what can you do about it? The Work Factor It’s not a mistake that work is often referred to as “the rat race” in North America. Being a part of anyRead More

How to Stop Teens from Texting While Driving

do you wish that you could stop your teen from texting while driving? Here are some tips. Call RMT today for a GPS tracker for your teen’s vehicle.

While texting and driving isn’t something that teens do exclusively, teen drivers are less experienced than adult drivers (although that doesn’t make it okay for adult drivers to text while driving either, and adult drivers are just as guilty as teens). If your teen has a bad habit of texting while driving that you can’t break, here are some ways to try and stop this bad habit from getting out of control. See what your teens are doing at all times by installing a camera inside of your vehicle. This way, you can determine whether or not your teen isRead More