The BMW i8: Luxury 2.0

BMW i8

If you aren’t a regular reader of The Verge, you may have missed their spotlight on the car of most people’s dreams – the new BMW i8. It’s a sight to behold, its design bordering on futuristic with Lambo-style doors (the ones that open up instead of out), and powered by gas and electric (hard to call a souped-up sports car a hybrid, but it is). It’s also the most expensive vehicle BMW sells at about $150,000.  It will turn heads wherever you go, cruising down the streets day or night. It offers not only the futuristic outside look thanksRead More

BMW Reinvents the Streetlight

BMW Light And Charge

While it’s not a wheel, the new streetlights that BMW is working on do reinvent what’s tried, true, and tired. Old streetlights get a new facelift with BMW’s ‘Light and Charge’ technology. This tech uses LED lights that are similar to car headlights, but these lights come with BMW’s ‘ChargeNow’ electrical stations too. So, instead of installing separate car charging stations along roadsides and in parking lots, BMW’s invention will use existing electrical infrastructure to combine LED streetlights with charging stations. How the Light and Charge Tech Will Work The charging stations will let electric car owners plug into theRead More

This Tesla Reads Road Signs

Tesla D car

You may have heard about connected cars, flying cars, and other really innovative car tech lately (right here on this blog, no doubt!), but have you heard of a car that can actually read road signs and adjust driving to fit those signs? The Tesla Model D can do just that – and more. Here’s what Tesla has been working on, and what you’ll find inside the Model D. The Tesla P85D Comparable to the MacLaren F1, the Tesla P85D can go from 0 to 60 in 3.2 seconds, last for 275 miles on one charge, and, yes, it canRead More

How to Sell High-Tech Cars

1932 Alvis Tourer car.

Automobile manufacturers are facing something that they never had to deal with before. Studies have shown that consumers are largely turned off by cars that offer too many gadgets. Familiar with in-car systems that are hard to adjust to and often don’t work, most consumers are wary of buying a car that includes too many tech details. In order to combat this problem, a lot of car dealerships are hiring product experts to help explain the many details of a new car to confused consumers. Not Necessarily New A large number of higher end car companies have been employing productRead More

The Struggle to Keep Bears Out of Camper’s Food and GPS


Campers escape to Yosemite National Park in Fresno, California for many reasons. Whether it’s to unplug, enjoy the peace and quiet, or hike the trails and see the scenery, it’s a popular family destination. One thing campers don’t want is a bear invading their campsite. Worse yet is the bear that tears the site apart in search of the food. Rangers know that the wild black bears wandering the woods are easily attracted to the food brought into the park by campers, and work hard to ensure campers are aware the threat is real. Some campers disregard the rules, andRead More

GPS Breaks Down Hunting Method of CA Mountain Lions

Eric Kilby

Scientists don’t know much about the how the majestic and elusive mountain lion hunt their prey, but that’s all about to change thanks to the help of a wearable GPS tracking devices. Scientists with the University of California in Santa Cruz say they’ve learned more than ever about the way these creatures behave, especially during the hunt. They’re even able to determine the energy used by actions like pouncing and chasing. How It Works The mountain lions were fitted with GPS tracking devices – the SMART Wildlife Collar – which feature accelerometers that tell the scientists exactly what the animalRead More

Rip Curl Creates a GPS-enabled Surf Watch

RipCurl App

Most of the time, water and high technology don’t mix; especially GPS. But the surfing company Rip Curl has just released a new GPS-enabled watch that can both handle waves and record surfing sessions using GPS technology. If you are a serious surfer, this is the watch for you. The Rip Curl SearchGPS Watch The SearchGPS watch does exactly what you might expect it to do. This watch records your movements as you catch waves, but it does more: tracking your rides each day tracking the distance that you ride each wave number of waves caught records wave speeds YouRead More

Think Keyless Cars Are Safe From Theft? Think Again!

Jeff Wilcox

A number of high-end luxury cars are keyless. Instead of inserting a key into the ignition, these cars operate just by placing the keyless “key” inside of the car and pressing the start button. In newer models, drivers don’t even have to insert the keyless key into any kind of ignition, just keeping that key inside of a car is enough to operate the vehicle. Keyless car entry was developed as a means of heightened security against car theft. The thought was that if a thief doesn’t actually have the keyless device, they can’t break into and steal a car.Read More

Inattention Blindness: What it Is and Why You Should Care

torbakhopper HE DEAD

There’s a new term circulating called “inattention blindness” that pertains mostly to the things you do while driving your car. Things like using voice commands. A new study conducted by the University of Utah’s Center for Distracted Driving indicates that people are distracted when using hands-free interfaces, and this distraction is just as dangerous as picking up the phone to call someone while you are driving. Why Hands-Free Can be Dangerous Your might have both hands on the steering wheel, and your eyes may be on the road, but if your brain is concentrating on trying to speak to yourRead More

Smart Parking: A Novel New Concept

Nic Redhead

Car technology has made a lot of progress over the past few months, but we haven’t heard much about smart parking – a new concept created by a California company called Streetline. I’m guessing that you haven’t heard of smart parking yet, but it’s bound to be a big deal if the concept takes off. What Is Smart Parking? It’s kind of tough to explain this concept concisely, since smart parking really spans a bunch of different topics and categories, but, essentially, smart parking involves parking lot data collection. Using data collected, companies and governments that own parking lots canRead More