Is Hands-Free Driving Safe?

Dirk Haun

The AAA Foundation for Traffic Safety recently released a report on those many hands-free devices and technologies that are supposed to make the roads safer for drivers and pedestrians alike. Surprisingly, most of the time the hands-free options actually cause more problems than they solve. Here’s a closer look at why hands-free options in automobiles might not be quite as helpful as they may seem. The Hands-Free Problem It has long been speculated that using a hands-free option while driving (like BlueTooth) can be just as distracting as using the actual device. The aforementioned report points to the reasons whyRead More

AeroMobil Has a Flying Car

Flying Car - AeroMobil

Even before the DeLorean appeared on screen in ‘Back to the Future,’ society has been somewhat obsessed with the possibility of a flying car. There have been mentions and sketches of cars that can fly in the past, but few have come as close to making car flight a reality as AeroMobil, a Slovakian car company that will unveil the world’s first flying car prototype on October 29th at the Vienna Pioneers Festival. The Details AeroMobil has told press that the car will be tested on October 28th in order to work out any last minute kinks before its officialRead More

Smartphones vs. Dedicated GPS Devices


Why would a company that owns a few service vehicles prefer to install dedicated GPS tracking devices in their vehicles instead of just issuing employees smartphones? Smartphones are great! I have two smartphones in my household and most of my friends have one. One of my favorite features of the iPhone is its built-in GPS. I prefer it to my vehicle’s built-in navigation system for finding places to eat. At Rocky Mountain Tracking we loved the idea of building tracking apps for smartphones. We assumed that dedicated devices would eventually be phased out, but that hasn’t happened – mainly because ofRead More

New in Car Tech: Lane Change Assist

Robert S. Donovan

Numerous car companies are set to include technology called “Lane Change Assist” on 2015 models. This technology will make it easier to safely change lanes. The reason for the technology is because drivers are often more at risk when changing lanes. So, what does this technology do? Here are some details to look forward to. Lane Change Assist Tech Have you ever been driving along on a highway and decide to change lanes? Of course you have; it’s kind of the way that highway driving works. Well, have you ever looked in your sideview mirror to check the next lane,Read More

Nobel Prize Winners Discover GPS-like Structures In The Brain

Sarah Laval

A recent study conducted by a team of scientists in an effort to combat Alzheimer’s without the aid of technology has led to the discovery of a group of cells that work just as a GPS device would. Will this be the key to combating the disease? Nobel Prize Discovery A team of university scientists including Dr. John O’Keefe, May-Britt Moser, and Edward I. Moser, has been awarded the Nobel Prize for the new groundbreaking discovery. The Mosers, husband and wife from Norway, have given people a better understanding of how the brain works on a daily basis. This mightRead More

The Future of Tech Can Be Scary

Sebastian Lund

To some, the thought of drones, driverless cars, and vehicles that communicate with each other via wifi is downright scary. If you think about this tech too much, you may have the urge to find a cave and a hole and never come out again. Yet even though tech is really moving ahead at a fast pace where the automobile industry is concerned, the fact remains that innovation is a good thing. Driverless Isn’t So Frightening New technology of any kind can scare some people. But, there’s a special kind of fright that comes from a car that drives itself.Read More

The Downside to Self-Driving Cars

Alden Jewell

The thought of a car that doesn’t require a driver is kind of a neat one (especially if you are a science fiction fan!), but there might be a downside to the new cars. A recently published article in The Guardian points to the fact that the mere technology for self-driving cars is enough to put a lot of people out of work. Here’s a further explanation. What Next? Driving is a difficult process that requires all of our concentration, motor skills, and reflexes. Most of us have to be completely concentrated on the road in order to drive safely.Read More

Appeals Court: Evidence From Warrantless Tracking Is Admissible


In a surprising turn of events, the ‘Third Circuit Court of Appeals’ has ruled that any evidence collected from a GPS tracking device placed in a suspect’s vehicle without obtaining a warrant beforehand is admissible in court. This comes in the wake of the US v. Katzin case, where officers relied on data collected from a GPS vehicle tracking device to link Katzin to a string of pharmacy robberies. The ACLU claims that the placement of the device constitutes an unreasonable search. The recent judgement is considered a “good-faith exception.” The Ruling It started after the Third Circuit Court ofRead More

Permits for Driverless Cars Are Here

Google Driverless Car

The state of California is allowing Google, Audi, and Mercedes Benz to test self-driving cars on certain roads in the state. At the beginning of September, the state issued 29 permits for self-driving cars, noting that the cars seems safe enough to test on the road. Right now, many other car makers are working on getting permits to test similar cars, though Audi was the first to do so. What does this mean for the future of driving? The Self-Driving Future The automobile industry has come such a long way. With the dawn of things like vehicle tracking devices, carsRead More

Tesla’s Tech Is Up for Grabs

Tesla S - Tesla Motors

Tesla Motors, the makers of the popular Tesla electric car, is doing something that most businesses would never do. The company is giving up all of its patents and technology to other car manufacturers. Why? Tesla wants other car manufacturers to make more electric cars that are less dependent on oil. The Elon Musk Promise Elon Musk, CEO and creator of Tesla Motors, has told press that he will give up all of the company’s technology and patent secrets to other car manufacturers with one caveat: there can be no court battles over patents and other legalities. On the officialRead More