GPS Tracking Devices for Manhole Covers?

GPS Tracking Devices for Manhole Covers?

China has a problem. People are stealing manhole covers in order to turn that scrap metal into cash. The scrap metal industry is huge, and some people are making great money selling metal if they can gather enough of it. What better way to gather up a ton of scrap metal than to steal manhole covers? But for obvious reasons, this is a problem. Without manhole covers in place, people, animals, and car tires fall into these massive holes. In order to put up a fight against manhole cover theft, the Chinese government has decided to do something about it.Read More

A New GPS Helmet for Bikes Could Save Lives

A New GPS Helmet for Bikes Could Save Lives

Trying to ride a motorcycle while also trying to navigate city streets is tricky. If you look down at any kind of navigation map, you risk crashing your bike. If you don’t know where you’re going, a navigation map can really help. Is there a fine balance between the two? A group of Russian engineers have invented a helmet that displays GPS maps on the visor. The helmet is called LiveMap, and it’s the only one of its kind. How LiveMap Works Imagine a hologram of sorts on the front part of your helmet visor that you can only seeRead More

India Gets an Uber-Like Autorickshaw Service

India Gets an Uber-Like Autorickshaw Service

Autorickshaws may seem like novelty to the western traveler that visits India for the first time, but this mode of transportation can be compared to New York’s taxis for people living in crowded urban centers in India. It’s not uncommon to grab an autorickshaw after work to make it through India’s crowded streets to a residence, but like taxis these vehicles can often be booked during peak hours. A few companies in India have come up with a solution to this transportation problem. Companies like, mGaadi and Ola are now offering autorickshaw bookings through tech platforms like Whatsapp. InRead More

Fleet Tracking Can Increase Revenue by 10%

Fleet Tracking Can Increase Revenue by 10%

A new report put out by In-Car Cleverness has found that rental and credit-hire companies that install GPS for fleet tracking purposes can raise company revenue by up to 10% in most cases. This raise in revenue comes from keeping a closer eye on cars that are rented out to people for the sake of vacation rentals or to people with bad credit. Often, owners of these types of companies are the subject of fraud, but GPS tracking can put a stop to that. How it Works It’s not uncommon for people to try and steal cars from no-credit carRead More

50 Shades Debut Inspires Increase in GPS Tracker Sales

50 Shades of Grey book.

50 Shades of Grey: you either love it or hate it, whether you read the book or not. Some chose to skip the movie altogether based on their disappointment with the series, while others counted down the days to its release. No matter if you liked it or not, there’s no question this movie topped the charts all over the world. In fact, according to worldwide box office figures, the movie did better overseas than it did here. The majority of the $350 million the movie grossed has the highest percentage of those sales coming from international locations. It isRead More

The Problem With Tracking Parrots

A Kea parrot.

Ever since the creation of the GPS tracking device, researchers and conservationists have had one goal: to find out more about the animals that we live alongside. One animal that we don’t know that much about is the wild parrot. But there’s a problem with tracking parrots. Parrots have strong beaks that they use to rip things apart–things like GPS trackers. Until this point, scientists have been thoroughly frustrated with the number of GPS collars that parrots have ripped apart. Now, researchers have discovered that tracking wild parrots is actually possible – they just have to create strong gps trackers!Read More

Swans Tracked Using GPS Trackers

A swan.

Every year, a number of Bewick swans make the move from the UK to a breeding ground in Arctic Russia. This year, some of those swans are being tracked using GPS tracking technology, so that researchers can better understand the bird’s migratory patterns. A Population Problem In the UK, the Bewick swan is the rarest swan that can be found, but for some reason the number of Bewick swans in the UK is drastically declining. Researchers aren’t sure why this is happening, but it’s important they find out. If something is eating the swans or if the swans are justRead More

Tesla to Sell Cars in New Jersey Without Dealerships

A Tesla Charging Station - Rocky Mountain Tracking Blog

Nearly a year ago, the state of New Jersey banned Tesla from selling its cars direct to the public. Today, Governor Chris Christie reversed that ban by signing a bill into law that allows the car company to sell directly to the public without the help or interference of any car dealerships. This is a major step forward for Tesla, since New Jersey is one of the states with the highest luxury car sales. The company has been banned from selling directly to the public in a number of other states including Texas, Michigan, Virginia, and Arizona. Tesla’s CEO ElonRead More

A Watch, Games, and GPS Tracker Combined

AmbyGear Smartwatch for Kids - Rocky Mountain Tracking Blog

Parents are usually torn when it comes to technology. Some love the way that certain devices can entertain kids for hours (tablets, anyone?), and others hate the idea of giving a child any kind of technology too early. But, what about a watch that combines educational games you’d want your kids to play with the safety that is a GPS tracking device? The new watch by Ambit Networks does all of those things, and it’s also a watch that your kids will like to wear. The AmbyGear watch was designed for kids, but also for parents that want to keepRead More

Is Hunting Helping With Conservation Efforts?

A lion sticking it's tongue out.

The Maasai people of Northern Kenya and Tanzania have always hunted lions. Certain men from this tribe have been given the title of ‘lion hunter’ in order to prevent lions from killing livestock, but also as a source of pride or rite of passage–it takes great courage to hunt lions. While seemingly impossible, conservationists have been able to work with the Maasai people in order to protect lions. How? A Mock Hunt The Maasai don’t hunt lions with modern weapons. Instead, they set out on foot in a group, find a lion, and close in on that lion with chantsRead More