How 200 Pound Rocks Move On a Desert Floor

Tom Babich

Death Valley National Park hasn’t been visited by UFOs, though prior to a recent GPS tracking study, the alien explanation might have been the only logical option. You see, there are rocks that move across the base of a company dry lake bed – big rocks, rocks that weigh 200 pounds and more. Nearby residents have nicknamed that particular stretch of Death Valley “Racetrack Playa” because rocks leaving behind giant tracks can be found strewn throughout the dried up lakebed. Unable to solve the mystery of how the rocks move without human (or alien) help, a team of researchers decidedRead More

New Dementia Research Places Importance on Distance

Teppo Moisio

Researchers have long believed that there might be a link between the area that a person feels comfortable traveling in each day and an early indication of Alzheimer’s disease. Using a GPS tracking system in conjunction with cell phone location data, researchers at the University of Waterloo have made that assumed connection much more real. How Far People Travel The U of W team found that by tracking people suffering from early Alzheimer’s using GPS tracking technology, there is a definite correlation between how far someone travels in a day and Alzheimer’s disease. As it turns out, those suffering fromRead More

Bicycle Safety Tips For Riding In The City

Umberto Brayj

Riding a bicycle in the city can be really dangerous. Keep yourself safe by following some basic safety tips, and consider adding a GPS tracker to your bicycle, so that you can chain your bike to any post or fence without concern. 1. Avoid riding on sidewalks. In most cities, bicycles aren’t actually allowed on sidewalks, though it can tempting to jump up on a sidewalk if the streets are really crowded and hectic. Since drivers do not expect a bicycle to fly across a crosswalk from a sidewalk, you may find yourself going head on with a turning car.Read More

GPS May Help With Immigrant Costs

Paul Townsend

According to a recent Reuter’s report, GPS tracking devices are being used to keep tabs on immigrant that file into the United States illegally. At the time of this writing, the U.S. is facing difficulties where detaining immigrants (mostly children) is concerned. Mass amounts of immigrants cross the U.S. border from a number of countries yearly, and the U.S. is running out of room to house these people. Presently, Immigrations and Customs Enforcement (ICE) officials are toying with the idea of using GPS tracking bracelets and other devices to track illegal immigrants rather than to try and house them. TheRead More

Ways to Improve Customer Service

hobvias sudoneighm

If your business relies on selling a service or item to customers, you can’t afford not to have top-notch customer service tactics in place. Every business can improve customer service, too, it’s just a matter of knowing what your company is doing right, and what can be done better. If you want to improve the way that your clients are being service, but you aren’t sure how, here are some solid tips. 1. Find out what’s wrong. You may think that nothing is wrong with your company, and it can be easy to think this way if sales are decent.Read More

How to Buy a Fleet of Comapny Vehicles

Greg Gjerdingen

Are you thinking about buying a few company vehicles? Setting up your own fleet is a good idea if you are in need of transportation means, but you don’t want to work with any large transport companies (and buying your own trucks can mean saving money for some companies). For the sake of this article, I’ll focus on how to purchase mid-size trucks or vans to help with company transport, though buying a big rig follows roughly the same guidelines. Here’s how to buy a fleet of company vehicles (and negotiate a good price). 1. Start doing your homework and research. Find a dealership thatRead More

GPS Helps Track Earth’s Water Levels


A National Geographic article printed this morning tells a sobering tale of water that’s quickly disappearing from the West. Scientists have been tracking small movements in the Earth’s crust with the help of a GPS tracking system. Unintentionally, the GPS trackers have also been keeping tabs on the disappearing water that was once part of the tracked landscape. A Disappearing Act How much water is disappearing from the Earth? Scientists estimate that the water lost from streams, rivers, lakes and snowfall is around 240 billion metric tons. That’s a hard number to imagine, so put another way it’s roughly comparableRead More

What to Do When You Lose Sight of Your Child


You never want to lose your child in a crowd, but it can happen. Even if your child simply wanders away, or loses that grip on your hand, not seeing your child for even a few minutes can cause a lot of panic. The best way to make sure that you can find your child quickly is to add a GPS tracking device to your child’s backpack or sew one into a piece of clothing. Although GPS trackers are the best way to keep tabs on a toddler, there are some things that you can do right away to find your child – keep theseRead More

GPS and Football: A Great Team

USAG- Humphreys

This season, 15 college football teams are using GPS tracking technology to keep tabs on players. The GPS trackers will be attached to player uniforms, and the information that is recorded and sent back to coaches and medics will be priceless. Just like other major league teams, these college teams are realizing the difference that technology like GPS makes. The Details From looking at the GPS tracking details, coaches will be able to tell when players are slower and faster on the field. For example, a player might be faster at the beginning of a game, but that same player may start to slow downRead More

How to Keep Kids Safe Online

F Delventhal

Kids want social media accounts, smartphones, and total access to tablets and computers. As a parent, you have two options. The first is to allow your kids some of that freedom while keeping a very watchful eye over what’s happening. The second is to restrict any kind of Internet access – which could backfire because most kids will simply use a friend’s device. Let’s go with the first option here, and assume that your kids have a decent amount of access to the Internet world. How can you effectively protect your kids from lurkers, predators, and others that simply want to do harm online? After beingRead More