Using GPS to Track Repossessed Vehicles

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No doubt you have been hearing a lot about foreclosure lately, but what you have not been hearing about as much is the rising number of car repossessions. In fact, one news source reported that the number of car repossessions is the highest it has been in 10 years.” WIDTH=”230″ HEIGHT=”160″ style=”float: right; BORDER=”0″ ALT=””>
What you also may not know is that the law makes provision for the original owner of a car that has been repossessed to get their vehicle back. Laws may vary based on your jurisdiction, but if your car is about to be repossessed you do have options. You are supposed to get a certain number of days to pay off what you owe. You are also supposed to be notified as to when the vehicle is going up for sale.

But what happens if the bank and the repo company don’t go by the book? What if you are not given the notifications that you were supposed to get? And supposed that you have a change of fortune and find that you can afford to pay what is necessary to keep your car? If your car has been repossessed and you don’t know where it is, how can you make sure you can pay what you owe or even bid for it?

“If these vehicles had our Smart Track GPS tracker device installed in them, there is a much better chance the vehicles could be recovered,” says Brad Borst, President of Rocky Mountain Tracking.  “With our Smart Track, there are no monthly fees; a customer only pays a few dollars if they have to recover the vehicle.”

Smart Track has already worked on recovering vehicles that were stolen; it can also help you track down your vehicle if it has been repossessed. The geo-fence reports each time your asset moves in or out of a predetermined area from 1/8th of a mile to 300 miles. You can set up to two geo fences at one time.

Smart track provides on-demand web-based vehicle tracking and vehicle Recovery. With the Smart Track, you don’t pay if you don’t track. Locate commands update the current position of your vehicle. One locate is used each time the command is sent. The number of available locates depends on the account you choose, plus locates can be shared with all of your vehicles. So when you decide on live tracking with the Smart Track vehicle tracking system there are no monthly fees.

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5 thoughts on “Using GPS to Track Repossessed Vehicles

  1. Interesting! I’ve heard that repossessed cars can be a great purchase, but, you’re right, it seems that they are hard to find! Thanks for the comment!

  2. I bought a repossessed car on an online auction and the process was very simple. I searched the web for a decent second hand and affordable car. They are hard to find, but my persistence paid off!

  3. Very interesting read. These new techniques for mapping are really brilliant… and even though these had made the life easier…

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