Minnesota City Makes Plans for GPS Tracking

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The mayor of Duluth, Minnesota hopes to join the ranks of cities that use GPS tracking devices to keep up with municipal employees.

The city is taking a cue for the neighboring city of Minneapolis, which uses GPS tracking systems to keep up with the whereabouts and usage of its fire trucks and police vehicles. Minneapolis mainly uses GPS tracking technology in order to be able to send the closest unit out when there is an emergency, but the plans are to make its use much more widespread in Duluth.

If the proposal from the mayor of Duluth becomes a reality, that area will take their use of GPS tracking devices even further. After starting with the city’s maintenance and utility vehicles, Duluth’s mayor hopes to use GPS vehicle tracking systems to also track park and recreation vehicles. If the GPS fleet tracking service is a success, then Duluth will then implement GPS tracking for their police and fire vehicles.

For their initial GPS tracking trial, the city of Duluth will use tracking devices to stay informed about where city vehicles go, how fast they are moving and if they are left idling.

Getting information on these three aspects of city workers’ driving habits can make a big difference in a city’s budget. Idling and speeding are costly practices that waste gas and cause unneeded wear and tear on vehicles. And if municipal budgets are like our personal budgets, then there is a need to cut costs wherever it is possible.

The information on where city vehicles are going will help the city root out workers who are abusing the use of city vehicles. It will also make it possible to plan the most efficient routes of travel for city vehicles, and this is another way to trim the budget.

GPS fleet tracking services can help you manage your fleet, whether you are a city government or a private business looking to keep costs in line.

A vehicle tracking system from Rocky Mountain Tracking can help your organization increase safety and driver responsibility. With a  complete record of vehicle activities, whether live or historic you will know get an accurate picture of the good and not-so-good driving habits your employees engage in on a daily basis. This information is invaluable and difficult to get without the use of some kind of tracking technology.

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