GPS Tracking Helps Prevent Crime

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By Greg Bartlett

Many people know that GPS Tracking devices can and are placed in cars, trucks, containers and any other device that carries commodities. What many people don’t know is that these tracking devices are also contained in smart cell phones. These current state of the art version communication devices also contain the software to allow them to be tracked.

The Johnson City Tennessee police department plans to equip all of its officers with smartphones. These smartphones would allow the dispatcher and supervisor to be in constant touch with an officer out on patrol. The GPS software built into the phone would allow the dispatcher to immediately identify the officer nearest to where a call has come in from and dispatch that officer. This lowers response time to the scene of a crime, consequently increasing the chances of apprehending a criminal.

The smartphones with their 3G technology would reduce the reliance of the Johnson City police department upon radio communication and provide an effective alternative for communications with the officer when the officer is out of his patrol car and away from the radio. When an officer engages in the pursuit of a criminal, the officer would no longer have to update the dispatcher as to where he is. The GPS Tracking software in his phone would take care of that for him. The dispatcher would simply have to watch as the smartphone updates its location. The dispatcher would then has multiple options to vector additional officers to aid in the pursuit and apprehension of the criminal.

The GPS function built into the current edition of smart phones allows the user to always acquire directions. These directions can be as simple as finding a location in a city never visited before to as complex as a police officer finding his way to a remote geographical location on the other side of town. The abilities that GPS Tracking systems have built into them allow police departments an advantage in apprehending criminals. Law enforcement officers through their smart phones are always in touch with the dispatcher. The dispatcher always knows where the assets on duty are. Officers on duty never have to think about where an address is located whether serving a warrant or answering a call. The GPS unit will take them there.

Johnson City Tennessee, after a pilot program, hopes the issue and utilization of the GPS cell phone tracking capabilities of smartphones provides a worthwhile tool in the prevention of crime. The ability to quickly determine the closest officer to a call, the ability to direct additional units in cases of high speed pursuits and the ability to always know what every officers’ location is at all times has resulted in reduced crime statistics in Johnson City Tennessee.

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  1. The above article is not yet a reality. True we have been working toward this end, but are not there just yet.

    Sergeant John Hames
    Johnson City TN Police
    Wireless Administrator.

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