Locate Your Stolen Vehicle Before It Lands in the Chop Shop

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By Greg Bartlett

Auto Theft

You’ve worked hard and finally bought that dream car you’ve always wanted. Now, how can you ensure that it remains safe? Auto theft has become an increasing serious problem in the last few years. In fact, today it is the number one property crime and costs Americans billions of dollars each year. You don’t want your new car to be one of the statistics of stolen cars which are sent to chop shops and destroyed.

GPS vehicle tracking provides car owners with the opportunity to track the movements of their vehicles. Perhaps you’re just interested in finding out where your family members have been, but if your car is stolen, a tracking system may be the best way to find and recover your vehicle.

Police in Fayetteville, Georgia, recently used a GPS vehicle tracking system to follow a stolen car, leading them to a woman who ran a chop shop. Not only were police able to recover the stolen car, but they also found parts to at least nine other stolen vehicles.

GPS vehicle tracking was able to lead the police to the barn where the chop shop was located, where they arrested the woman in charge. Without the tracking system, the stolen car would have been just another stolen vehicle, another bunch of parts to be processed through the chop shop. But the tracking system enabled the recovery of the stolen car and stopped the perpetrator from further automobile theft.

A tracking system can be the answer to your problem, too. How do you protect that new car and make sure it isn’t stolen and destroyed in a chop shop? If your car is stolen and a tracking system isn’t installed, chances of recovering the vehicle are not very high. Police simply may not be able to find it before it is taken apart in a chop shop. But if your car is stolen and you have installed a tracking system, the police can find and recover your vehicle before anything happens to it. The tracking system may even help the police in recovering other vehicles stolen by the same person who stole your car.

There are obviously some basic security measures you can take to ensure the safety of your car, such as locking the doors. But if your car is stolen, whether or not you locked the doors will be of little consequence. GPS vehicle tracking, however, can provide that extra level of security and is the surest way to help you recover your car should it ever be stolen. For more information about GPS, visit http://www.RMTracking.com.

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