Boston Equips its Buses with GPS Trackers

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By Harriette Halepis

busThe city of Boston has decided to equip all of its buses with GPS devices. More than 1,000 vehicles will now include GPS systems. While there are mixed reviews from the public regarding this new addition, the MBTA hopes that the GPS devices will help make public transportation a lot smoother.

The MBTA believe that the addition of GPS devices will help dispatchers to accurately track buses as they follow specific routes. Not only will this allow for up-to-date knowledge, but it will also help in case of any possible bus related crime. In the eventuality that a bus veers off course for any reasons, dispatchers will be immediately notified. In addition, authorities will be able to track the lost bus right away.

As far as the daily commute goes, the new GPS devices will help commuters know when a bus is running a bit late. These new devices will also help dispatchers send the proper help if a bus is in trouble of any kind. The MBTA told reporters that the devices were completely installed last February, but that they have just been activated.

Not only will dispatchers be able to track all Boston buses with the help of GPS, but these devices have actually made commuting via bus a bit safer. Many that live in Boston are often apprehensive about using public transportation for lack of safety. This new GPS addition might eliminate some of these fears. Some taxpayers are less than thrilled about the idea of using public money to fund this project, but the outcome of the project has yet to be revealed.

Other cities across the world have begun to use similar GPS systems, and almost all of them report that the systems have, indeed, made a positive impact. The city of Baltimore, Maryland, has installed GPS devices on all of its public school buses. In addition, various cities throughout Japan have begun to use sophisticated GPS technology for public buses.

In a world where anything can happen, knowing that public buses can now be tracked and traced is comforting for many passengers. As more and more people begin to look towards public transportation options, GPS tracking is quickly becoming an absolute necessity. Will these trackers help to keep buses on time? This question remains to be answered. However, there’s no debating the fact that GPS trackers will help to keep public transportation on route and under a watchful eye.

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