GPS Tracker Device Dealer Program Now Available

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by James Neely – freelance writer for hire

Rocky Mountain Tracking is rolling out a dealer program for GPS Tracker devices to electronics dealers nationwide. Under this dealer program, authorized retailers will be able to re-sell Rocky Mountain Tracking’s GPS tracker products under a private label in their own retail stores.

Rocky Mountain Tracking is targeting consumer electronics retailers, car audio stores, installers, rental equipment stores, car dealerships and other businesses with similar operating models.

Gary Whitney, Director of Sales at Rocky Mountain Tracking states “incorporating the dealer program with retailers’ current model will increase consumer interest and create additional consumer markets as GPS tracking devices are now becoming mainstream.”

Retailers can benefit from the ability to increase revenues with typical profit margins in the area of 200%. There is no charge for joining the dealer program and the only responsibility is in the sale of the products. All of the post-sale technical support and service as well as account setup is maintained by Rocky Mountain Tracking.

Rocky Mountain Tracking has built up a reputation of trust with over 30,000 devices sold and a reliability rating of more than 99.5% on its products. Their web-based software designed for tracking purposes has been called “state-of-the-art.” With this as a basis, Rocky Mountain Tracking has created an atmosphere of high demand for their products and services in a very competitive industry: GPS tracking.

The main focus for Rocky Mountain Tracking in this new dealership program is to support and maintain relationships with dealers which in turn will help them realize an increase in sales volume and customer loyalty as well.

GPS tracking technology is well documented and offers those who use it the ability to increase security and asset management with a small investment. Through this technology, businesses will see a reduction in theft and incidents of abuse as well as the ability to monitor and maintain close contact with their fleets which helps increase profitability at the same time.

Also included in the implementation of these devices is a lowering of insurance premiums by virtue of the fact that assets can be better managed and maintained. Insurance companies welcome the ability to track and monitor costly assets which reduces their overall risk. Those benefits are passed along to the insured as well.

Dealers who wish to inquire about the program can contact Rocky Mountain Tracking by visiting the website

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