Do You Really Know What Your Teen is Doing?

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By Greg Bartlett

Last night your 16-year-old daughter said she’d be working all day today until she got out of work, and then she’d head over to her friend’s house to study for her geometry test.  She promised to drive carefully, but you know she’s already gotten a few speeding tickets.  Your 17-year-old son was planning on going to soccer practice and then hanging out with some of his friends to play video games – so he said.  But you know that last week he said he’d be at his friend’s house and instead he was hanging out with a college student who was providing everyone with alcohol. teenstudying

As long as your teens are doing what they said they’d be doing and are driving carefully, you don’t have a problem.  But you’re concerned that they’re not really at work, school, soccer practice, or a friend’s house.  Thankfully, there is an easy way to find out with GPS vehicle tracking. 

If you put a GPS device inside your daughter’s car, you’ll be able to determine where the vehicle is and what stops it makes, how long it stops, and how fast it’s going.  You can receive alerts if she starts speeding and can correct her speeding problems before they become fatal to her or someone else.  If she decides to sneak out at night to meet up with her boyfriend, you will be notified that she’s driving during restricted hours.

With GPS vehicle tracking in your son’s car, you can receive alerts when he reaches school, work, or a friend’s house, and can even be notified if he goes into restricted or forbidden areas – such as the college student’s house.  You can follow his driving in real time or look it up later, finding out exactly where and how he has been driving.

GPS vehicle tracking offers you a way to ensure that your teenagers are driving safely and to correct any problems that arise early.  You can also monitor their activities and make sure that they are not taking side trips on the way to or from work and engaging in dangerous activities, whether it is drugs, alcohol, or something else.  

Your son and daughter are close to the age where they have to make their own life’s decisions, but they still need your guidance now, whether they admit it or not.  With GPS vehicle tracking, you can provide them with independence while ensuring their safety by knowing when, where, and how they drive.

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