Keeping Track of Children with GPS Tracking

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By Greg Bartlett

Some friends of ours have eight children, and another family has ten. But even with the families who only have two or three children, keeping track of all of them can be hectic. If, like our friends, the children’s ages range from toddler to teenager, attempting to make sure that the children are at school, at work, at a friend’s house, at soccer practice, at daycare, or just in the yard is often a full time job.


Some parents have discovered ways to keep track of their children, whether the children are toddlers, teenagers, or anywhere in between. With a GPS tracking device, parents can be aware of precisely where their children are and will even be automatically alerted if an issue arises.

For instance, if your teenager carries a GPS device or has one installed in his or her car, you can receive an alert when the teenager reaches school, work, or practice, and you’ll be able to see exactly where your kid is right now. Furthermore, you can find out what stops your teen has made and how fast the car was being driven.

If you are tracking a small child, you won’t have to worry so much in the mall that your child will vanish when you turn around. Even in your own yard the GPS tracking device can help you by sending a text message or a phone call to let you know that your child has wandered outside predetermined boundaries, geo-fences, and can alert you instantly if your child gets too far away from you as you shop. You’ll be notified the moment your child starts to wander outside of your supervision and, since the GPS device will allow you to know precisely where your child is, you can retrieve the child quickly.

In addition to giving you your child’s location, speed, and stops and sending alerts as your child either arrives at a destination or crosses a geo-fence, a GPS tracking device can provide further protection for your child. Many GPS devices have a panic button that the user can push in an emergency, instantly calling for help. If your child becomes lost, threatened, or injured, the panic button can help you – and emergency personnel – find your child and provide aid.

You need to be able to know what your children are doing in order to keep them safe, and with a GPS tracking device, monitoring your family, no matter how many children you may have, is possible.

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