Deer Tracking with GPS

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By Harriette Halepis

Members of the Fish and Game Department in Truckee, California, have decided to place GPS tracking collars on a few deer that roam the Truckee area. Sixteen collars in total have been placed on select deer, and the Fish and Game Department hopes that these deer will provide researchers with valuable migration data.

Deer & GPS Tracking

Deer & GPS Tracking

Fish and Game officials want to know where the deer go during the wintertime. Since Truckee becomes rather cold during the winter months, researchers suspect that these deer just keep moving to stay warm. With the help of GPS trackers, answers to deer migration questions will soon unfold.

The GPS collars do not harm the deer in any manner, and all of the collars will automatically fall off of the deer during February of 2011. To say the least, the Truckee Fish and Game Department is thrilled about the possibility of being able to track beloved Truckee dear.

Researchers will be able to view the deer from a computer screen via real-time information. While this project is costing the Fish and Game Department around $8,000, its one project that many people hope will be well worth the price.

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