How GPS Tracking Can Help Car Dealers

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by James Neely, freelance writer

With many families struggling to make monthly payments, some used car dealers that finance their own sales have seen their losses increase in the last few years.  One of the ways they are fighting back is with the installation of GPS Tracking devices in each vehicle they sell.

Used Car Dealers and GPS Tracking

Used Car Dealers and GPS Tracking

The popularity of the “buy here, pay here” dealers has gone up because they require little if any credit pre-qualification in order to drive off of the lot with a vehicle.  This leaves them vulnerable to those who stop making payments and then skip out or hide the vehicle.

GPS Tracking devices are the consummate answer to this problem.  Here’s how:

Location is King

If a customer falls behind on payments, it triggers a red flag in the business that there might be a problem.  Rather than letting it go, these dealers need to be proactive in finding out of there is a problem.  It might be something that can be resolved and get the customer back on their payment schedule.  But, it might be indicative that there is a long-term problem and that they are going to have to make a decision whether or not to re-possess the vehicle.

If the later is the case, location is all important, because if the customer refuses to comply, then they might be forced to obtain the vehicle without the compliance of the customer.  GPS Tracking devices like the Smart Tracker allow the dealer to locate the vehicle quickly and track it while it is moving if needed.

Low Cost Options

This GPS Tracking device is less than $200 which makes it easy to cost-justify.  And, with a Smart Tracker there are no monthly fees until the device is activated as needed.  You can even add an internal battery backup to the unit which can be done for just a few dollars.  It makes the decision to purchase easier than ever.

Control and Flexibility

The GPS Tracking Smart Tracker puts you in charge of your inventory of vehicles that are still being financed.  Once the finance period is over, you can offer a free oil change so that the device can be removed and used on another vehicle.

This means that you have full control and flexibility when it comes to making sure that your business is profitable.  And that is very important in the economy in which we find ourselves.

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4 thoughts on “How GPS Tracking Can Help Car Dealers

  1. is it legal to take off the gps if its causing problem for your car to start. and the dealership want take another mechican words that there is a problem with it

  2. Contact your attorney for advice on this specific matter as the laws in each state are a bit different. In many states it allows the owner of a vehicle to have a GPS device installed on a vehicle that they own. Assuming you are referring to a financed vehicle that your name or business name is still on the original title – this might be ok for you to do without their knowledge. But think about a time when perhaps the car is stolen. Wouldn’t it be a good idea for them to know that the device is installed so that the car can be found fast and have less damage occur? It would make the buyer more accountable to their financial obligations as well. If you are worried about them removing the device, you could simply put a clause in the paperwork that indicates “removal of GPS device voids the financing contract” and the vehicle will be returned to the dealership. There are ways around every situation. The best place to start is with your business attorney. Thank you for commenting on our site. Give us a call at 1-888-242-0500 and let us assist you in finding the right GPS for your situation. — admin.

  3. is it legal to put a gps device on used car without letting the buyer know that it is on the used car at time of buying?

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