Lightning Fast Vehicle Recovery with GPS Trackers

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By Greg Bartlett

When a thief steals you car, he may get away with more than you think.  In addition to your vehicle, any valuables, electronics or personal information you have in your car at the time of the theft becomes his property.  The problem is that car thieves can prove to be elusive to law enforcement officials.  Once your car is stolen, you have no idea where it is located and neither do the police, making vehicle recovery very difficult.  Unless your vehicle is spotted, it may never be recovered or seen again.

GPS Tracking & Auto Theft

GPS Tracking & Auto Theft

Perhaps the answer is a GPS tracking unit on your vehicle to aid in vehicle recovery in case of auto theft.  Live GPS tracking function by installing a piece of hardware called a smart tracker in the vehicle.  The user can track the smart tracker and the vehicle it is mounted on in real time by satellite using internet-based software.  Images of the location of the vehicle are available on-demand in real time to the GPS tracking user.  In the event of an auto theft, a few clicks in your web browser can display the exact location of your vehicle.  Rich detailed images are available as well to help you pinpoint exactly where your vehicle is located and how it is being used.

On March 12th, 2010, Andrew Wallace of Fontana, CA learned the value of GPS tracking in the incident of an auto theft.  After his vehicle was stolen, he tracked it on his personal computer to a residential neighborhood.  Mr. Wallace was able to see his vehicle parked in the driveway of the residence it had been taken too.  He got the address of the house, called local law enforcement officials, and his vehicle was recovered within 6 hours of the time of the theft.  Mr. Wallace had purchased a live GPS smart tracker from Rocky Mountain Tracking, Inc and his vehicle recovery process after the theft was dramatically reduced.

Auto theft will happen and unless you are prepared, you could be a victim.  Only about 63% of stolen vehicles are ever recovered.  Auto thieves give no previous warning, and without a system in place for vehicle recovery, your vehicle may never be recovered.  GPS trackers may be the solution you have been looking for to safeguard your vehicle.  Your vehicle’s whereabouts will only be a few clicks away.

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