Stay Inside the “Geo”Fence

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By Greg Bartlett

GPS (Global Positioning Systems) makes use of satellites floating in space.  Those satellites receive and transmit information that is then passed along to individuals who own the GPS tracking devices.  These devices are placed on a vehicle, an individual, or an asset that needs to be followed.

GEO Tracking & GPS

GEO Tracking & GPS

Some GPS tracking devices employ an important and helpful function called “geofencing.”  When a person, vehicle, or asset is outfitted with a geofence-enabled GPS tracking device, there are virtual parameters set that cannot be crossed.  If these parameters are crossed, an alert is sent to the owner of the company or vehicle or to the parent of the child.  I am sure that you can see how helpful this would be in a business setting.  It was recently reported in The Washington Post that more and more businesses are turning to geofencing to save money and time.  Using a GPS tracking device that is enabled with geofencing allows employers to know exactly where their employees are at all times, and it helps them know that their employees are not wasting time or money by making trips outside of their designated areas.

Using geofencing also enables the employer and employees to plan the best routes to take from call to call within each employee’s designated zone.  Using a GPS tracking device with geofencing is also helpful when placed in a car.  If you are the parent of a teenage driver, you will not have to wonder where your new driver is or if they are staying on the right side of the “tracks.”  If you use geofencing, you, as the parent, set parameters for your teenage driver.  After you have set the parameters for your young driver, you can monitor his or her whereabouts within the designated area.  If he or she wanders out of the set area, you are alerted.  You can then call your teenage driver to remind him to return to the inside of the “geofence.”

One such GPS tracking device that is enabled with geofencing capabilities is the Informer.  It carries some of the most reliable hardware and is equipped with some of the most state of the art software.  It is a relatively new item on the GPS market, and, while it may appear a little pricey up front, it will surely prove its worth in a very short amount of time.

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