Nice Cars Have Feelings Too

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By Greg Bartlett

I have a friend who owns and runs a company that buys and sells high-end cars.  He specializes in buying and selling cars for private parties; a few of these cars are Lotuses, Cobras, and Ferraris.  You can imagine he keeps a very sharp eye on those cars when they are between transactions!  He could keep these very expensive cars locked up in a secured showroom, but this is probably not enough security to offer him peace of mind each night knowing that his “babies” are all tucked in safe and sound.  He will want to supplement with some additional security.  An excellent choice for additional security would be a real-time GPS tracking device.

High End Cars & GPS

A GPS tracking device is part of the Global Positioning System, which involves at least 24 satellites that the Depart of Defense put up in space.  The satellites orbit the earth in a very precise manner twice daily.  These satellites connect with individual tracking devices on earth, and the satellites and devices send and receive radio signals to each other.  As the device travels, it sends information to the satellites in space.  The satellites then use the information to compile into a travel report including route and speed, among other things.

So, back to my friend—he would greatly benefit from real-time GPS tracking devices.  Two popular choices are the Smart Tracker and the PT-200.  These two trackers are data pushers, which means that they send information about the car “wearing” the device—such as time, location, speed, and travel route.  If one of his cars were to be stolen, my friend could quickly go on to any web enabled device like a laptop or even a cell phone and pinpoint the car’s exact location within seconds.  And, believe me, even a second with a sports car missing feels like an eternity!  Trackers like the Smart Tracker and the PT-200 are not just used to recover stolen vehicles.  My friend with the luxury sports car business could also use the tracking devices when allowing customers to test drive his vehicles.  I am sure that he wants to give his customers some “alone time” with the cars, but he also doesn’t want his cars out of his sight for very long.  As he easily tracks his cars online, he can also note important information like speed, the route, and any stops made.  GPS tracking devices are sure to offer the protection my friend’s company needs, and it may do the same for you.

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