Yoda Speaks for TomTom Sat Nav

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Mr. T, Dennis Hopper, and Burt Reynolds have been a part of the TomTom family for some time now, but the company has just added a slew of Star Wars voices to the mix. Consumers who have a TomTom navigational device have been able to listen to CP30 and Darth Vader since June, and the wise and loveable Yoda has recently joined the bunch. TomTom has added these new voices in the hopes of luring sat nav users away from competitors such as Garmin and Navman.

In the interest of making a sat nav comparison, those new to the GPS navigational world may be tempted to look for devices that come with familiar voices. In fact, finding the latest and greatest navigational voice is quickly becoming the new trend within the sat nav world. Each Star Wars voice command download will cost consumers £7.95 – a small price to pay to have Darth Vader as your navigational commander.

Even though Yoda is the latest Star Wars voice to be added to the TomTom Star Wars collection, sources say that the voice of Hans Solo is expected to surface sometime in August. TomTom recently stated that the Star Wars voice commands have all been derived from the first three Star Wars films (‘Star Wars,’ ‘The Empire Strikes Back,’ and ‘Return of the Jedi’), since these are the films that die-hard Star Wars fans enjoy most.

While some drivers may find the backwards commands of Yoda (including: “…hmmm, keep to the right then take a sharp left. Control, control, if a Jedi you wish to be”) annoying, others are quickly downloading Yoda’s reassuring voice to their TomToms. In addition to listening to favorite Star Wars characters, a few select voices also come with theme music.

The company behind the films, LucasFilms, is thrilled that TomTom has chosen to showcase Star Wars characters. Director of International Licensing and Marketing for Lucas Licensing, Casey Collins, believes that “Star Wars fans are sure to be delighted when they hear just how great these voices sound on their TomTom navigation devices.”

Thus far, Collins is entirely accurate in his assumption, as Star Wars fans can’t get enough of the new TomTom lineup. If you’d like to “join the revolution” you can find excellent TomTom sat nav deals at http://www.satnav-expert.co.uk

Article written by Harriette Halepis.

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