Le Tour de France and GPS Devices Increase Fan Involvement

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The HTC-Columbia team will bring something unique to Le Tour de France spectators this year. Instead of simply viewing the team from the sidelines or via television, each team member will be equipped with a HTC Legend smartphone. In turn, these smartphones will be linked up to Google’s new “My Tracks” GPS app.

The app will provide spectators with a real-time view of the Columbian cycling team. By logging onto the “My Tracks Tour” page, those who are rooting for the Columbian team can choose a cyclist, and view his heart rate, power, speed, and cadence. Viewers will also be able to map a cyclist’s exact location using Google Maps. Not only is this a great way for fans of the cycling event to get closer to riders, it’s also the first time that Tour de France participants have been tracked using a GPS device.

Average cyclists can take part in GPS mapping and tracking too. Even though everyday cyclists may not be part of Le Tour de France, carrying a GPS tracking device while cycling is a great way to map progress. A passive GPS tracking device such as the Tracking Key will enable any cyclist to chart location, speed, stop time, and other major factors. By taking the time to track progress, any everyday cyclists may eventually enter the famed Tour de France thanks to help from a personal GPS tracking device.

(Article by Harriette Halepis for Rocky Mountain Tracking. Source acquired through About.com, July 6, 2010.)

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