Dealership Tracks Stolen Car

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Many auto dealerships are now using GPS tracking to solve multiple problems. Before this incredibly useful satellite technology was available, dealerships faced great difficulty in protecting their assets. It could take a lot of time and energy to keep cars from being stolen, either straight off the lot or by buyers who quit making payments and disappeared with a partly-purchased vehicle. Especially for the “buy here, pay here” auto market, these risks posed a huge threat to a dealer’s ability to compete, since a missing car means the dealer, not a bank, has to foot the bill.

Car Tracking to the Rescue

Car tracking is resolving many of these issues and reducing headaches for auto dealers. From the dealer’s side, it’s relatively simple—download some GPS software, place a tracking device on each vehicle, and register each vehicle in your computer system. The devices are becoming less and less expensive to purchase, and you don’t have to worry about batteries running out because the device can be activated only when it’s needed. If a car is stolen from the lot or needs to be reclaimed, it is easy to activate the device from the computer, remotely. Once activated, the device sends signals to satellites, which read the tracker’s latitude and longitude and put it on the map on your computer. No more vehicles dropping off the radar screen—you can watch the car travel through town. With many devices, you can even disable the vehicle itself so that it will stay put, so you can call local law enforcement and recover the vehicle. Compared to the old days, it’s hassle-free.

On Saturday, November 13, a Santa Ana, California dealer’s 2001 black Ford Expedition was recovered after being stolen. The truck had a GPS tracking device which the dealer activated, and police were able to follow the vehicle using satellite technology and arrest the driver. The suspected thief turned out to be Daniel Leon Stalter, a Mission Viejo resident, who had a history of other charges and another warrant out for his arrest. He was arrested at gunpoint 10 minutes after deputies arrived. Stalter’s past record included illegal substance and drug paraphernalia possession, forgery, burglary, extortion, and prisoner escape; the warrant was for hit and run property damage in 2009. Five charges from Saturday’s arrest include buying or receiving stolen vehicle or equipment, receiving stolen property, and possession of burglary tools. Now the streets are safer and a dealer has his car back, thanks to GPS tracking. While all incidents may not be as dramatic as this one, using GPS can stop crime early and even prevent potential crimes from ever happening.

Article Written by Greg Bartlett

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