Tracking Santa’s Reindeer Using GPS? Not Quite.

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In one of the most bizarre media campaigns of the past few years, clothing retailer Gap, Inc. has decided to track eight reindeer. “Aha!” you may think. “Christmastime! Santa’s reindeer! This is a clever little flash animation that children will be able to gleefully watch on Christmas Eve as ‘Santa’ makes his way across the world!”

Not so much.

These eight reindeer are not special, magical reindeer from the north pole. And this isn’t one of the dime-a-dozen ‘Santa Trackers’ that inexplicably continue to arise year after year. No, these are eight reindeer with prizes and GPS tracking systems attached to them. These reindeer have been set free in Lake Crystal, Minnesota, and truly daring customers can attempt to find these Minnesota GPS tracking system equipped reindeer.

For example, a Minnesota GPS reindeer could give you 50% off Gap products. There will also be specialized prizes awarded to people who find the fastest reindeer or the reindeer closest to the North Pole.

Fans are encouraged to tweet about their favorite reindeer in this singularly outré marketing campaign. These tweets will apparently – though not plausibly – give the reindeer “boosts” of encouragement during this bizarre campaign.

From the looks of it on Twitter, not many people really understand what the point of the campaign is. There are deals, reindeer, and Twitter is supposed to be used in some way, but the poor way with which Gap has communicated means that no one truly understands how this Minnesota GPS tracking campaign is supposed to work.

Oh well. Back to tracking Santa’s reindeer with the traditional NORAD website.

Article Written by Greg Minton

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