Fort Wayne, Indiana, Reducing Crime with GPS Technology

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Fort Wayne, Indiana Mayor Tom Henry gave his state of the city address recently, announcing a host of positive changes and initiatives that have been taking place in the area. One such change is a drastic reduction in gang crime due largely in part to new GPS technology.

Mayor Henry explained that the Fort Wayne Police Department has recently been implementing GPS technology on the majority of their squad cars, which they are using directly to combat gang activity throughout the city. He went on to add that the results have been overwhelmingly positive, and that in the past year they are looking at a reduction in gang crime by twenty five percent.

The new Indiana GPS tracking system helps members of the police force keep better track of gangs in the area, as well as keep track of officers dispatched to particular parts of the city. Using the two series of data, officials are more equipped to establish gang patterns and developing combative measures.

Mayor Henry explained that this falls in line with his overall plan to strengthen the community and make Fort Wayne a more attractive and competitive city. He added that while Fort Wayne has been hit by the recession like the rest of the country, specific areas of crime haven’t risen, as they tend to during higher periods of unemployment and economic unrest. By reducing gang warfare throughout the area, the quality of life for residents improves, and businesses and new residents are drawn to the region.

Article Written by Greg Minton

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