Dealer-Installed Tracking Device Helps Owners Recover Vehicle

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Across the country, buy here-pay-here car dealerships have increasingly begun installing GPS tracking devices on the cars that they sell. In an effort to prevent theft both from the lot and by buyers who can’t make their payments, the dealerships rely on the location information retrieved from the devices to keep a close eye on their assets. While some buyers balk at the potential for privacy invasion created by the devices, others express understanding and even gratitude for the ability to track their cars.

Not only can the installation of tracking devices help dealerships monitor cars that still legally belong to them, but they can also help recover cars that have been stolen from their new owners. One such case occurred in Anderson, South Carolina when a van was stolen from a parking lot.

The owners called the police, told them about the tracking unit that had been installed by the dealership where the purchased the vehicle, and within moments officers had a positive location. They were able to locate and retrieve the car with little trouble, arresting the two perpetrators before they made it out of town.

While cases like this one may be rare, they still act as a deterrent for other would-be car thieves. Knowing that many dealerships now install the devices in every car they sell can cause thieves to think twice before driving off in that new Honda.

As car dealership owners have settled into the use of GPS tracking, they have also learned a few things about the best way to handle privacy issues. By disclosing the use of the devices before completion of the sale and by assuring buyers that the devices will be activated only for retrieval purposes if they default on their payments and fail to return the vehicle, dealers can keep themselves out of the legal mire and ensure that owners feel safe as they drive around town.

Article Written by Greg Bartlett

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  1. Well it is always good when car thieves end up in prison. But with GPS tracking becoming more of the norm than the exception one day car theft will be a crime of the past.

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