Ontario PC Leader Promises GPS Tracking for Sex Offenders

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PC leading candidate, Tim Hudak, is using GPS tracking technology as part of his campaign. Responding to the calls of Ontario citizens for monitoring of sex offenders, Hudak promises that if he is elected, he will require convicted sex offenders wear a GPS tracking device. “I will lead a government that puts safety first,” said Hudak, while unveiling his campaign pledge during a media event recently.

Monitoring sex offenders with GPS is a growing trend for law enforcement around the world. More than 40 U.S. states use GPS tracking devices to monitor certain offenders. Despite the momentum of this tactic, Hudak’s policy does face opposition. Some people don’t think GPS monitoring is an effective deterrent for repeat offenses. “An ankle bracelet will only tell you where you were roughly after the offense has occurred again,” explained Greg Rogers, John Howard Society’s executive director.

The program would cost a whopping $50 million per year, and the cost is too high according to some. “I think the money should be put into making sure the offense doesn’t occur in the first place,” adds Rogers. Rogers did not offer any alternative plans to deter sex offenses, which he considers more worthy of investment. The problem of sex offenders is quite complicated, but there is solid evidence that those who become perpetrators of sex crimes, tend to have been victims of sexual abuse early in life. Perhaps creating an effective deterrent for sex offenders will be enough to prevent a future generation of sex offenders from entering society.

Another part of Hudak’s plan is to make information about sex offenders available to the public, in an online registry. There is some concern that providing this information to the public would result in vigilantism against local sex offenders. “Good people will not break the law. . . What we’re looking at is protecting children,” offered Gary Ellis, a PC candidate and former head of the Toronto police sex crimes unit.

Article Written by Marisa O’Connor

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