Hurricane Irene? There’s An App for That.

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Hurricane Irene is coming, and this hurricane is set to rock the East Coast. If you live near the coast, there’s an iPhone app that you’ll want to consider downloading. This app is called “Disaster Caster,” and it just may save your life.

Disaster Caster provides users with one-touch access to 911. In addition, the app makes it possible to send a disaster plan to your family and friends, so that everyone will know where you are when the hurricane hits. Since Disaster Caster uses GPS technology, you will be able to send out location information to authorities and loved ones if you happen to become lost in the storm.

This app is perfect for everyone who has an iPhone – elderly people included – thanks to large panic buttons that only require a quick tap. Even though Disaster Caster will cost you $6, it might be an app worth having if you live in an area that is often struck by natural disasters.

After downloading this app, simply follow the app instructions. Setting up this app only takes a few moments, but it could help you survive any kind of disaster.

If downloading an iPhone app isn’t your thing, we still want you to be safe this weekend. So, here are some important links that you should have handy:

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