GPS Foils $86,000 Bank Robbery

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GPS tracking technology has done wonders for transportation industries, emergency response teams, and many other aspects of our modern society. One of the most significant impacts the technology has had, is in the recovery of stolen property. Many stolen vehicles, smart phones and mobile PCs have been recovered in the hands of the thief, because police were able to track the location of the property by activating the GPS device, which is typically built-in. On November 5, 2011, GPS tracking allowed police to recovery money stolen during a bank robbery to the tune of more than $86,000.

Vernon James Hill, 26, and Stanley Eugene Hill, 24, allegedly walked into the Arvest Bank at 218 S. Memorial Drive in Tulsa, OK at about 8:30am on November 5th. One of the men was armed with a small black handgun, telling everyone in the bank to get on the ground, while the other hopped over the teller counter and demanded cash. The bank employees were ordered to open the vault and insert its contents into a tan bag. In addition to the reported $86,918.52 stolen from the bank, one of the tellers discretely added a small GPS tracking device to the cash-filled bag.

Police were able to track the bag to a nearby residence on the 1100 block of East Pine Street, as early as 11am, just over three hours from when the robbery began. The bag was found stashed under an oven and the two suspects were arrested on the scene. Vernon Hill was out on bail, awaiting trial for another alleged bank robbery. His trail was scheduled for November 7th, but this latest arrest prevented him from attending. As of Tuesday evening, the two men were still being held in the Tulsa jail.

Article Written by Marisa O’Connor

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