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Smartphones are everywhere in today’s society. More and more people are realizing the power of this little marvel of technology, learning that they can replace numerous devices with this one remarkable phone. In today’s age of “there’s an app for that,” sales of physical GPS devices have fallen as more people decide to rely on their phones to get them where they need to go. Consumer Reports tested some GPS navigational apps recently, and said that the apps have come along way from where they started, some offering fancy features like reality view and add-ons allowing you to use celebrity voices to guide you along your way, adding a little fun to your journey.

Android phones come with Google’s free navigation app right out of the box, and features the turn-by-turn directions GPS device users have become accustomed to. If you happen to have an iPhone, you’ll have to search for your own navigational app. One slight problem: there are so many to choose from, which should you trust?

Consumer Reports reminds everyone that “you get what you pay for.” Despite the slew of free GPS apps, they recommend going with the trusted names of the GPS world: Garmin, Navigon, TomTom, and Magellan. It was also discovered that the companies that made top-performing physical GPS devices also made the best iPhone GPS apps.

According to Consumer Reports, if you want a great GPS app for your iPhone, prepare to spend about $60, and remember to stick to the big names in the GPS world. They warn users the app will take up a big portion of memory on your iPhone, so take this into consideration when you’re deciding whether or not to leave the physical GPS device behind. The more maps you need to download, the more memory the app will take up.

Whatever app you choose, keep in mind the size of the screen on your phone. Some users will be turned off by the teeny maps and go back to the larger screened GPS device. If you decide the app is all you need, you can cut costs a bit by limiting your map download to a specific region, and watch for sales.

Whether you choose to use an app or a GPS navigation device, handheld or built in to your vehicle, always remember to park your car when using the device. Your safety, and that of others on the road, is at stake.

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