GPS Tracking Assists Recreational Boat Owners

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The most recent New York Boat Show showcased technology that would have dropped the jaws of the show’s early founders. One of the most interesting features to appear at the show is known as Skyhook. Skyhook uses GPS tracking technology to “anchor” a boat in a certain location. By choosing a specific GPS map location, the navigator can program the boat’s motors to do whatever is necessary to remain within five feet of that spot. The technology makes it easy for fisherman, divers, and other boaters to ensure that their boats stay put while they enjoy the activities they came to do.

The mission of the GPS tracking technology in this instance is two-fold. First, the device will pinpoint the location of the vessel at any given time. Second, it will alert the boat’s computer if the boat moves outside a five-foot radius, setting in motion the action needed to keep the craft from drifting. For boaters who enjoy navigating the open water, the device makes anchoring in a particular location much easier, especially in very deep areas where a traditional anchor might not be sufficient to keep the boat in place.

As part of the comprehensive Ray Marine E7 MFD device, the GPS technology provides the perfect complement to the array of other capabilities offered to modern boaters. One of the most innovative features is the ability of the device to display information on the user’s iPad or iPhone. Navigators can easily view GPS location information as well as a host of other features on up to six displays, enabling them to control navigation conveniently from anywhere on board the boat.

GPS technology gives today’s boaters a host of advantages their forbears couldn’t have dreamed of. In addition to Skyhook, marine GPS devices have been used to monitor boat races, enable search and rescue missions, reduce boat theft and provide simple tracking capabilities for families of boaters. Commercial and military vessels also use the technology to ensure safety and accomplish a variety of objectives.

Ultimately, however, the GPS tracking capabilities of Skyhook have a simple purpose: to make the boating experience as accessible, manageable, and enjoyable as possible for pleasure craft owners. Thanks to GPS, boat navigation has become easier than ever before, enabling people of different skill levels to safely enjoy activities on the water while reducing the likelihood of drifting or getting lost on the water.

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