Marge and Mr. Burns Added as TomTom Voices

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After the popularity of the downloadable Homer Simpson voice created for the TomTom GPS navigation device in June of 2009, the GPS giant has announced that the voices of Marge Simpson and Mr. Burns, Homer’s ancient billionaire boss, have just been released and are available for download.

The same company that developed Homer’s voice, Locutio Voice Technologies in partnership with Twentieth Century Fox Consumer Products and The Gracie Films Worldwide Brand Division, bring more navigational fun for Simpson fans everywhere. “Take the third right. Do it, driving monkey!” Burns commands, while Marge says things such as, “Exit right ahead. Hmm, it smells a little funky in here, was Homer in this car?” Trips will be much more enjoyable when you download their voices to your TomTom GPS navigation device.

Jeffrey Godsick, President of Fox Consumer Products feels Simpson’s fans will be pleased with the newest voices. “We want to keep the offerings on the TomTom app fresh and exciting by introducing new voices at different times. We know that fans of the show are going to appreciate these new additions as it gives them yet another platform to enjoy one of the greatest shows of all time.”

These voices are offered along with Homer Simpson’s, which was released for their iPhone GPS navigation app in April of 2011, and is also currently a Guiness Book of World Records record holder for being the most popular satnav voice. It is the most downloaded voice of all time. Homer was downloaded by TomTom users a total of 128,500 times in the US, which is 40% of the entire GPS navigation device market since 2009.

Are you the proud owner of a TomTom GPS device and a die hard Simpson’s fan? To get your hands on these downloads, simply visit or go to the Home screen of your TomTom navigation device. You’ll have Mr. Burns bossing you around in no time.

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