The American Golf Club Installs Digital Caddies GPS

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The American Golf Club in Vero Beach, Florida recently installed Digital Caddies GPS system for its patrons. We’ve seen apps and GPS tracking devices developed to collect data for runners, cyclists, and even swimmers. Now, Digital Caddies GPS is offering the same type of service for golfers. As just about any sports enthusiast will tell you, a big part of the fun is tracking and comparing performance statistics. The GPS tracking system provided by Digital Caddies allows all golfers, at any level of experience, to track their shots and monitor progress.

Golf is one of the U.S.’ most popular hobbies. With thousands of courses to choose from, it is important for individual golf courses to set themselves apart. In order to stay competitive, many golf courses are designed around location and stunning geography, surrounded by mountains, forests, or on a cliffside overlooking the ocean. The American Golf Club near Vero Beach, FL not only boasts three gorgeous 9-hole courses with breath-taking views, but also takes a technological advantage with Digital Caddies GPS system. Navigating sand-traps and water hazards is a big part of any quality golf course, and what better technology to turn to, than GPS?

“Helping golfers play better golf and providing a service that helps the golf course differentiate itself from its competition is the core value of our service,” explained Brad Nightingale, Digital Caddies CEO. “Our system is a great fit for the American Golf Club and their strategy of offering great value to their customers.” Guests using the Digital Caddies system will be able to enjoy easy-to-use, real-time data about their game. The GPS tracking system provided by Digital Caddies provides accurate yardage information, just like if you were playing in a professional tournament. Not only is the system great for improving one’s game, but also in providing indisputable data during friendly competition with other players.

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