Bryton Riding for the Prize with New GPS Units for Cyclists

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For the first time, Zyro, a UK distributor for biking products, featured an up and coming company in its annual show: Bryton Sports. Each year Zyro hosts a show to introduce new products for the serious biker. The show includes everything from seats and wheels to clothing and water packs; even lubricating oils for chains and gears. This year, the Bryton bicycle GPS units were showcased with loud acclaim.

The Company
Bryton Sports is headquartered in Taiwan and is known for its navi-computers designed by a topnotch team of professionals. Their line of GPS units are made for cyclists, fitness enthusiasts, outdoor adventurers, and athletic trainers. The company’s goal is to incorporate fitness and fun in such a way as to keep people moving. With more features and a more affordable price, Bryton may well give Garmin a run for its money. What’s more, Brytyon has the endorsement of Stéphane Goubert, a professional cycling racer who has participated in ten Tour de France competitions.

The Computers
Bryton’s basic GPS-enabled computer for bicycles is the Rider 20. It has no navigational capabilities, but it does record the cyclist’s route along with the speed and distance, all of which can be downloaded to a personal computer for analysis. The Rider 35 adds waypoints and direction arrows, and the screen on this unit is a bit bigger. Another great feature is that it can be customized. The 30T version of this model also includes a heart rate monitor and a cadence sensor. The Rider 40 combines the features of the 30T with customizable training plans and an integrated coach for added encouragement, all with a thorough analysis of the training session.

The Competition
The Edge 800 from Garmin is facing stiff competition from Bryton’s Rider 50. This newest GPS unit features a TFT color screen along with Navteq mapping, while the Edge does not include mapping. The Rider also allows the cyclist to plan routes and set up training sessions along with other extras for a whole lot less.

Whether an avid cyclist or just starting out, the use of GPS units can add to the biking experience, boosting the training and enhancing the adventure. And Zyro’s showcasing of the Bryton Rider demonstrates this company’s commitment to bike attachments that are GPS enabled and affordable.

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