GPS on the High Seas

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At the end of January, the theft of a $5,000 GPS navigation system from a Tiara boat was reported in Boca Raton, Florida. Most people were probably more astonished at the price of the system than the theft itself, considering that most marine GPS devices range in the low hundreds, not thousands. However, Tiara Yachts is no ordinary company. They use top of the line products in all their luxury boats, including high-tech Garmin GPS systems.

The Basic Marine GPS System
A marine GPS device does more than enable a boater to keep his bearings. It also provides him with information about the depth of the water at any given point, tidal zones for the area, and even buoys that may be present. The unit can guide him to the best fishing spots in the area as well as keep him away from dangerous waters. The marine GPS is very similar to the navigation systems made for a car, but with the added benefit of being waterproof, especially the compartments that house the battery and memory card. Most basic marine GPS systems range between $100 and $200, depending on how many bells and whistles it has. That is why the high price tag of the navigation system stolen from the Tiara boat in Florida seems incredible.

The Partnering of Tiara and Garmin
One year ago, in February 2011, Tiara Yachts announced that it was partnering with Garmin to equip all its boats with state of the art navigational systems and electronics. Garmin, who has sold more than 75 million GPS products since 1989, is known for its innovative commitment to global positioning systems technology. Tiara made its announcement at an annual boat show with a specially outfitted yacht on hand to demonstrate the superior quality and options of the new Garmin system: the GPSMAP™ 5000 and 7000 series with multi-function display on a 12- or 15-inch monitor. Garmin also provides open-array radar scanners, digital sonar, marine radio, and autopilot systems, while Tiara provides a helm to hold its triple mapping display. Luxury is definitely the name of the game with Tiara.

While Magellan and Columbus had only the stars as their guide, boaters today have an array of marine GPS navigational tools at their fingertips. There is no more getting blown off course or worries about the location of dangerous reefs. The stars of the modern boater are the GPS satellites, which provide all the necessary information to chart a course for adventure.

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