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Geoloqi is a a GPS tracking-based platform designed for app developers to use, collect, and review their user analytics. GPS tracking technology is included in more and more devices, such as smartphones, computers, and even watches and shoes. This boom has lead to many applications, for games, directions, search engines and much more. Geoloqi is an easy and affordable way for app developers to access the GPS analytics of their users, helping them to better understand their customer base.

During a recent interview, Goeloqi’s founder revealed an early obsession with location tracking, which he believes eventually led him down the path to launching Geoloqi. “I remember riding in the back of the car on family road trips, with the big paper fold-up maps that were as tall as I was, tracing our route in real-time on the map with a highlighter,” explains Aaron Parecki, Geoloqi founder, in a statement given to Co.Design. “I’d keep checking out the window for the mile markers, and slowly trace the route on the map. I even drew the little squiggles when we got off the highway at a rest stop.”

“Once I had a phone with a GPS and a constant Internet connection, I set up a database to start logging my location data I was generating,” Parecki said. He spent three years carefully tracking his every move. Over the course of three years, he logged an estimated 2.5 million GPS coordinates. It was this database, that eventually developed into Geoloqi. By tracking his own movements, it became clear how valuable this information could be for app developers.

The minds behind Geoloqi clearly know their way around GPS tracking technology. The platform is perfect for app developers with a great idea, but who need help integrating the technology. Some great examples of features that Geoloqi can help with include geofences (limits set on the distance or speed of the device), fleet management, route tracking, and tracking nearby friends.

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