Digital Caddy GPS App for Golf Courses

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A golf course in Ohio is taking a bold step: It’s trying to change the way golfers play their game. Golf is an ancient sport filled with tradition, and its enthusiasts take great pride in doing things the way they’ve always been done—the way they should be done. If you doubt this, just try wearing jeans to your next outing at a high-class course. It’s true that we have added golf carts for convenience and highly evolved clubs built from space-age metals, but for the most part golfers feel best when they are alone on the grass with a small ball and a long stick.

At Copeland Hills Golf Club, however, you might also want to use a small tablet computer. A GPS app will provide real-time, valuable information to the golfer, including an overview of each hole; accurate current distance from the flag; and the ability to zoom in on features like sand traps and greens. The GPS app is developed by Digital Caddies, Inc., and is customizable for individual golf courses. Instead of your human caddy estimating your next shot’s length, you can simply glance at your tablet and find out exactly how many yards you have left. Can’t see whether the green slopes toward you or away from you? Just take a look at your digital caddy. We’re all too familiar with the problem of sand traps being closer than they look. With the Digital Caddies app, you can steer clear of them.

There are a few other convenient features, such as the ability to communicate with the clubhouse and order snacks, keep score, and apply a handicap. The clubhouse, in turn, can use the GPS information to track the location of each golf cart and golfer. And make no mistake—advertisers are also waiting to get in on the action; apparently a hooked shot into a lake is a prime opportunity to offer a good deal on a driver.

The Digital Caddies GPS app is not one that individuals can simply download onto their phone. Each participating golf course purchases the app and customizes it to best serve its own golfers. Those playing at Copeland Hills Golf Club will soon have their chance to check out the new app and see if they’re willing to add it to their bag of clubs, so to speak.

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