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One can hardly imagine traveling in this day and age without the technology of GPS tracking, and consumers eagerly anticipate the next device that will make the trip more predictable and fun. That new device is now here in the form of the CoPilot GPS. ALK, a company known for its leadership in geo-logistics and its production of navigation software, announced its newest GPS app at the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona in late February. This free app is expected to be available for the iOS and Android line in the spring along with the downloadable app for other phones and iPads.

Free Features
Not only does the CoPilot GPS contain millions of points of interest, it is able to plot up to fifty stops on any given route. It comes with search engines in the form of Wikipedia and Bing for even more access to information along the journey, and the drag-and-drop feature allows the user to easily change his route. Probably the most noteworthy aspect of this global positioning system is that it does not need a data connection to be fully functional; the app is simply downloaded onto the phone and used in offline mode. This does mean, however, that the app takes up storage space, but it uses only about 1 GB of storage and provides access to maps of the entire United States.

Not So Free Features
Though the basic GPS app is free in its downloadable form, there are fees for upgrading.  Such features as recalculations, speed limit warnings, and 3D maps can be added for a low rate. And for a one-time fee of $20, the download can include voice-guided navigation that directs the driver turn by turn. The user can also add ActiveTraffic for $10 a year. This feature relays real-time traffic delays on a planned route to keep you informed and moving.

The CoPilot line of GPS devices has gained great acclaim already. The carmaker Renault has even announced that it plans to use CoPilot Live in its iPhone-based “infotainment” system featured in the new Twingo. By placing the iPhone in a designated cradle, the GPS is enabled through the car’s computer and stereo systems. With this free download, your digital phone can lead you to your final destination, wherever that may be.

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