Step into Adventure with GPS Games from Finland

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Today’s society is a fairly sedentary one, especially for children. Consumed by technology, children seem more interested in television, computers, and video games. The founders of Treesure Ltd. in Finland want to stop that trend and get children and their families outdoors again by combining a child’s natural love of stories and adventure with GPS tracking technology. Established in 2011, Treesure is owned by people involved in the media and mobile industry but with small children whom they want to see involved in the adventure of life. Their solution—TreesureGame.

The Game
TreesureGame is the company’s first media release, and the idea behind this GPS-based game is to turn everyday errands into adventures that will get the whole family moving and interacting together. Designed for children ages 3 to 12, the game allows the child to choose a character and story line, plan a route, and accomplish the physical tasks needed to complete the story. Princesses, pirates, and policemen make up the majority of the characters, but Treesure is also working on incorporating Owl the Private Investigator and Fireman Otter into their adventures. Of course, no game would be as exciting if there were not a prize at stake, and Treesure comes through on this point as well, offering children prizes in the form of extra stories and parent rewards.

The Goal
Though a new and foreign company, Treesure’s initial launch has been an encouraging one with high rankings in the Health & Fitness category of downloadable apps. Treesure offers its GPS tracking game as a free download for iPhone and iPad users, and it is also available at the App Store. Treesure even offers other companies their own story and adventure as a marketing tool; the company can create its own characters and tasks to encourage users of the game to visit the business. The overriding goal of the Finnish company is to get people moving again through exercise and relationships.

The concept is so simple, but the possibilities are limitless. By joining the pull of technology and the imagination of childhood, Treesure has started something new and exciting with the help of GPS tracking technology. And if Treesure Ltd. has anything to do with it, the mobile adventure may soon take the place of the virtual one.

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