TomTom Stands by Concord Firefighters

GPS and firefighters
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The corporation that lends a helping hand is likely to succeed on a local level. Concord, New Hampshire based TomTom, an offshoot of the international consumer GPS manufacturer, has donated almost $2,000 worth of high quality GPS navigation systems to Concord’s Fire Department. The generous move is likely to aid Concord Firefighters in facilitating a more efficient and speedy firefighting team.

The Concorde Connection
The Tele Atlas company, based in Lebanon, New Hampshire, recently changed its name to reflect its place under the TomTom banner. As part of the move, the company not only donated the GPS units, it gifted $25,000 to the Lebanon library system. TomTom remains a giant corporation in Europe and quietly responsible for maintaining many of the GPS maps on United States navigation systems as well.

Accuracy and Help
The donated GPS systems will replace systems already in use at the Fire Department. The donation should place Concord’s Fire Department at the cutting edge of GPS navigation technology. Of special use to the company is the TomTom systems’ unique ability to map out fire hydrant locations. While those maps are backed up on paper, firefighters may come to depend on the electronic services that the TomTom GPS systems provide. The ultimate result will be efficient help for Concord residents when fires or other emergencies occur.

About TomTom
TomTom, based in the Netherlands, is the name to remember when it comes to European GPS manufacturing. The company manufactures GPS devices for automobiles, sports, and even GPS systems for smart phones, tablets and other devices. Founded in 1991, the company initially produced navigator software for PDA devices based on Windows CE software.
The company not only releases hardware products, but software as well, especially for smart phones. TomTom’s navigation service is one of the most noted and powerful GPS navigators for both iOS and Android.
Tele Atlas was purchased in 2007 by the GPS giant, a noted step for the European company onto US shores. Tele Atlas only re-branded recently, symbolizing its commitment to the world GPS force known as TomTom.

A Brighter Future for GPS Navigation?
Now firmly established in the United States, TomTom’s gift to the Concorde Fire Department is a symbol of the utility and efficiency provided by GPS navigation devices. TomTom may well become one of the giants of the GPS industry stateside.

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  1. I would like to create a GPS system that links up with TEAPS and is more locally focused. But I don’t know how.

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