GPS Provides a Smart Way to Track Labor Force

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GPS technology helps employers track their labor force in today’s global business world. Companies today hire people from all around America and the world. Some work from an office, but many don’t. You’ve seen people at the airport work while drinking coffee, waiting for their airplane – maybe you’ve done that once or twice? Contractors work from everywhere. And what about drivers or sales persons? But what’s the best way to keep track of their hours? And even better, where they are while they’re working?

GPS is the Answer
No doubt—GPS is the answer. Some companies have invested in hardware, which is special equipment that tracks work hours and pay. The problem is that this hardware can be expensive and there’s no way to fit it in your pocket. And because workers are all over the place, it’s hard for employers to know where their workers are when they’re working.

TimeMD is a company that provides an answer. In a smart way, too. Erik Rowland is TimeMD’s president. He believes that it’s essential for all companies to be able to know exactly where all their employees are at any given time while they’re working. This helps to keep the costs down and profits up. With TimeMD’s GPS platform, companies know where their employees are when they punch in. How do they do it? The answer is smart phones.

A Smart Way to Do It
According to the Pew Internet & American Life Project, as of February 2012, almost half of adults with cell phones in America use smartphones. Today, three out of five adults that use a cell phone have a smartphone. Smart phones, like the iPhone, come with GPS capability. TimeMD’s president believes that if this trend continues, in the future there might be no more need for hardware—only software. Why? Because of the popularity of smartphones.

The system is easy. TimeMD provides the software, and they work with companies so that their platform can be tailored to their needs. Then, once the system is carried out, employees can punch in using their smartphone, and their employer knows where they are too—thanks to GPS.

Some might object to being tracked. That’s why GPS time tracking is voluntary. Once an employee says it’s OK, then there is no problem. Besides, the software only tracks the time and place, while personal information and data aren’t sent. TimeMD is an example of a company that is using GPS to help businesses take care of their most important asset: their people.

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