Texas Based GPS Company Helps Employers Track What Matters

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Track What Matters, a Texas provider of GPS tracking devices has announced that Top to Bottom Services, out of Maryland, uses their trackers to keep an eye on their employees.The devices are designed specifically for vehicles in the United States, Mexico, Africa, Canada, the Middle East, and parts of Asia. Top to Bottom Services  deals with real estate home inspections, cleaning of upholstery and carpets, and real estate sign installations to name a few.

How, exactly, can these GPS tracking devices benefit a real estate company? The GPS device enables the company to monitor employees out in the field, seeing precisely where they are. It helps employers determine if work is being performed in a timely fashion. It all translates into better customer service and more efficient operations.

Top to Bottom Service president Dan Deist said, “We can find out where our inspectors are and how long they spent at each inspection site. If your average inspection time is 2.5 hours but you can see that a particular vehicle has been sitting at the same address, or a different address entirely, for four or five hours, you know you’ve got a problem.”

Understandably, Top to Bottom Services chooses to rely on GPS tracking technology for the inspection side of the business. Deist explains: “We have GPS installed in the vehicles that go around installing the ‘For Sale’ signs so we can find out whether any of our people are driving at a higher rate of speed than we would like to see. Track What Matters will notify if your vehicles exceed whatever threshold you set.” Besides this handy feature, the GPS tracking devices also help lost drivers find their way.

Deist attested to the quality of service offered by Track What Matters. “The support desk is extremely responsive, and the installation was easy. We have nothing but praise for Track What Matters.” Is there an industry out there that wouldn’t benefit from GPS fleet tracking? With each newly reported application, it appears as if the answer is no.

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