GPS Saves a Group of Fishermen

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You love fishing. You go to a lake with some friends, walk in the ice until you find a nice spot. After a few hours, without warning, the ice breaks. You and your friends are adrift, slowly moving away from the shore, and you don’t even know it. In this situation, every minute counts. You need to call the rescue crews ASAP, but you don’t even know you’re in danger!

This situation can be easily avoided with GPS technology. A GPS tracking device can tell you exactly where you are. It can also tell you if you’re not where you’re supposed to be. And it can tell you if you’re moving when you’re not supposed to be moving. In the scenario above, adrift on ice, you would immediately realize that you’re moving by checking your GPS device, enabling you to make a call or send a distress signal right away.

This happened not long ago in New York. Thirty fishermen realized they were adrift when one of them checked his GPS device. “He looked at it and his position had moved about 75 feet, and it dawned on him that the ice must be moving,” said Sgt. Tom Haumann, quoted on The Wall Street Journal online. A large slab of ice broke free and sent them 15 feet away from the shore. Fortunately, most of the fishermen were able to wade to shore. Only one of them needed to be rescued on an air boat.

GPS has been on the news several times over the years with similar stories to this one. A few years ago a young British student, Kimberley Warren, fell from her horse and was injured. Even worse, she was in Russia, very far away from home. Her distress signal was picked up 3,700 miles away. The rescue group knew exactly where she was thanks to GPS technology. “They were able to pinpoint the location of the group right down to an area smaller than half a tennis court,” said Michael Mulford from the Royal Air Force.

Because of GPS tracking technology, lives have been saved and tragedies avoided. Today, a GPS device is as essential to an outdoor enthusiast as a lamp, knife, or a good pair of boots. Going outside is safer than ever, thanks to GPS technology.

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