Driver’s Alert Provides Fleet Management for Delicate Deliveries

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Driver’s Alert, one of the premier names in GPS tracking products for fleet management, has recently endorsed its products with a focus on auto glass companies. The South Carolina based company positioned itself as the premier deliverer of both hardware and software solutions for fleet managers that wish to improve efficiency, safety, and guaranteed delivery of product.

A Delicate Product. An Accurate Service.
When it comes to a product like auto glass, staying on those individuals who drive and deliver the product is more important than ever. Put simply, it’s easy to break glass. It’s therefore more important to curb unsafe driving practices like hitting the accelerator too hard or braking to aggressively. Such driving practices put the delicate product in danger. Damaged glass cuts into profits, damages the reputation of the glass company manufacturer, and makes the truck driver appear less than professional.

Efficiency that Fuels Safe Delivery
Driver’s Alert is one of the top GPS-related fleet management tools. Its easy to use software helps fleet managers effectively monitor every truck on the road. Monitoring is specific and accurate. If a truck brakes too hard, the fleet manager knows about it. If a truck is in an accident, the fleet manager can contact emergency authorities and monitor the situation. If a truck driver is speeding, wasting the company’s fuel budget, the fleet manager may monitor and curb speeding as well.

Easy Distillation of Information
One of the key benefits of Driver’s Alert software, according to the company, is easy distillation of information. What does that mean in English? In many cases, GPS tracking provides so much data that it’s impossible for fleet managers to make anything from it. The end goal of Driver’s Alert is that it gives fleet managers information that can be used, i.e. monitoring “How’s My Driving?” scenarios, etc.

A Trusted Name in Fleet Management
Driver’s Alert aims to be the premier name in GPS tracking for fleet management. The company started in 1989, and claims to be one of the first companies to have introduced a “How’s My Driving?” sticker program.

The whole goal of Driver’s Alert is risk management, making sure that on-the-road fleets of cargo-hauling trucks are kept safe on the road. Lives are saved. Cargo is delivered on time and in prime condition. Company expenses, such as vehicle repair and gas, are minimized by ensuring consistent driving habits. All in all, Driver’s Alert claims to aid auto glass companies by facilitating safe and effective movement and delivery of product.

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