Canvas Launches Public Safety App Store

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Canvas, a company dedicated to providing mobile app solutions for businesses and organizations, recently launched the Public Safety App Store. The apps available at the Public Safety App Store were designed to make reporting suspicious incidents to authorities easier than ever. Smartphones and Tablet PCs provide a wealth of information and data collecting capabilities at our fingertips, at all times. With these apps, campus police or neighborhood watch members can send incident reports including photos, time stamps, and even GPS location data directly and quickly.

“Canvas is taking neighborhood watch program’s reporting capabilities and accountability to an entirely new level,” said Canvas’ CEO, James Quigley. “Neighborhood watch programs, condo associations and campus police are now under greater scrutiny to provide real data regarding suspicious activities. This goes well beyond the typical ‘Forms’ you would fill out – you can collect other truly dynamic and critical information like pictures and location all in real time.”

The reliability of GPS location information has resulted in countless solved crimes. Typically, the location data is used to track a stolen device, which often leads police straight to the thief with plenty of indisputable evidence. Now, GPS location technology can help neighbors and community members look out for each other, by enabling them to report useful information in real time to the proper authorities.

The Public Safety App Store is great for campus police, neighborhood watch, homeowners associations, and even government agencies. Many of the apps are free to download, and only cost the user when a report needs to be filed. Some of these apps include Alarm Response Summary, Fire Department EMS/EMT Form, and Parking Citation forms. There are also a few apps dedicated to Campus Police Incident Reports, as well as Neighborhood Watch Suspicious Activity Logs. Keeping your community safe is easier than ever with the Public Safety App Store.

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