TeleType Announces SmartTruckRoute: GPS Navigation App for Trucks

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TeleType pioneered the GPS truck navigation industry in 2008, providing the first portable GPS navigation system for trucks. The company recently announced their latest innovation: SmartTruckRoute. This application is available on all Android smartphones, and will soon be released for the iPhone and iPad devices. SmartTruckRoute stands apart from other GPS navigation apps, because it was designed with the specific needs of commercial trucks in mind. The app is also the first server-based app, providing secure back up of routes and location data.

“The Android app gives truck drivers peace of mind for about 10 cents a day, regardless of what other GPS they may be using as it provides an inexpensive back up system for truck navigation,” said Marleen Winer, TeleType’s V.P. of Business Development. The SmartTruckRoute app can be used as the sole GPS navigation system for truck fleets, or simply as a back up system for an existing method. The application can be used simultaneously with other smartphone functions, so the user can make and receive phone calls. The app also provides turn-by-turn instructions, which can be plugged in to the vehicle’s speaker system to avoid driver distraction.

Unlike many other navigation systems, this app was developed specifically for trucks, so it includes special features that a generic navigation devices wouldn’t. Some of these features include truck specific routes and maps, and supports Hazmat restrictions by class, which help the driver avoid restricted tunnels and routes based on the truck’s cargo. The driver can input specific information about the weight and size of the truck and receive routing considerations specific to his or her vehicle. The system can help the driver avoid one-way roads, low bridges and other clearances, load limits, and even sharp turns.

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