Magellan Teams with Fishing Hot Spots to Offer GPS Devices for Fishermen

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GPS devices are of great use for outdoorsmen and women. The pinpoint accuracy of the technology allows adventurers to leave a digital breadcrumb trail back to their vehicles, freeing their hearts to roam freely in the wilderness. These devices are useful in hunting, helping to record where different animals have been spotted. They’re also great for running, cycling, and simply hiking, and can record speed, distance and generally help the user keep track of his or her progress. Now, Magellan, a leader in the GPS industry, has partnered with Fishing Hot Spots, to bring fishing enthusiasts the top-of-the-line GPS equipment for their sport.


The fishing equipment was developed as an add-on feature to Magellan’s already successful eXplorist series of hardy, handheld GPS devices. “We selected Fishing Hot Spots for Magellan’s eXplorist GPS devices because it is made specifically for fishermen by fishermen,” explained the Senior Director of Marketing for Magellan, Warren Hewerdine. “Fishing Hot Spots has developed some of the best fishing contact available that gives anglers valuable data, tactics, and locations to help them find the best spots to catch fish and enjoy their sport to the fullest.”


The Fishing Hot Spots features include detailed lake maps and fishing information, available for $9.99 each by the end of May. Details will include lake-specific fishing tips, vegetation information, shoreline characteristics, as well as the size, depth, and contours of the lake. “We’re excited about our partnership with Magellan GPS as they are a leading innovator in the GPS market,” said Steve Swierczynski, Fishing Hot Spots, Inc.’s President. “By teaming up, both Magellan’s and Fishing Hot Spots’ customers are now able to get the maps and fishing information they’ve been asking for on their Magellan GPS devices.”

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