GPS Reels in the Big One

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Magellan, known for its pioneering innovations in GPS technology, has just recently released its newest navigational device—this time for fishermen. The eXplorist 310 Angler and the eXplorist 510 Pro Angler came out in August 2012 to the acclaim of fishing enthusiasts everywhere.


About Magellan

Based in Santa Clara, California, Magellan has long been recognized for its GPS navigation tools. From basic directional devices for all modes of transportation to handheld receivers for the outdoorsman to watches for fitness enthusiasts, Magellan has delivered well-built and highly accurate systems that are also affordable. All Magellan products are made to hold up under all kinds of conditions, which is good news for the fisherman who may be caught in a storm. Not only are the devices waterproof, but they are also readable, even in direct sunlight. Whether mounted on a dash, worn on a wrist, or held in the palm of a hand, Magellan gets the user to where he wants to go.


About eXplorist Angler

The key attraction of the eXplorist Angler series lies in its interaction with Fishing Hot Spots, which provides valuable fishing data for 4,000 lakes in the United States. This line of devices goes well beyond the basic GPS receiver. Not only will fishermen get information on the size and depth of a lake; he will also receive information about the shoreline’s features, underwater rock formations or vegetation growth, and even the types of fish that swim those particular waters along with their seasonal migration patterns. These devices even provide tips on what types of baits and lures work best in a particular lake as well as the best way to tackle and stock. More specifically, the Angler 310 allows a user to download detailed maps of three lakes from Fishing Hot Spots while the Angler 510 comes with a preloaded MicroSD card of Fishing Hot Spots vast database. The 510 even comes with a camera and a microphone for recording the big catch.


At just under $200 for the 310 Angler and just under $450 for the 510 Angler Pro, a fisherman can reel in a deal. Magellan is leading the way with GPS technology and taking the sport of fishing to a deeper level.

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