Garmin dezl 760LMT GPS Targets Truck Drivers

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There are a host of options out there when choosing a consumer level GPS device, each with a unique set of features and options tailored to a specific portion of the market. Garmin has just tapped into yet another segment of the population with the release of their dezl 760LMT GPS: truck drivers.


Garmin’s dezl (“diesel”) 760LMT GPS has a slew of truck driver-friendly features, such as Truck Profile. Here, the user enters the size and weight of the truck they are driving and the GPS device will guide them along only the roads they are able to travel on as there are some roads that just can’t handle the weight of some trucks, while some roads have bridges that tall trucks just don’t have the clearance to travel under. You can also enter information as to what you are carrying, such as hazardous materials. When you are approaching a road that is restricted due to your size, the GPS device will alert you.


When it comes to the POI list, it is tailored to the truck driver with places like truck stops, repair shops, and weigh stations just to name a few. To make record keeping and fuel monitoring simple, it also features a truck log and fuel logging feature that can be easily synchronized to a computer. Log hours and driving status, and the GPS device will alert you if you break any HOS (hours of service) rules. These rules dictate time you can spend safely on the road before you have to take a break, and if these rules are broken, it can negatively impact the carrier’s safety rating.


The Garmin dezl 760LMT GPS is larger than most of the personal devices out there today, measuring 7 inches (most products available today are around 5 inches.) This allows the split view screen to be easier to read, and could signal a new trend among GPS devices of the future.


Just as with any Garmin device, the dezl 760LMT GPS features Bluetooth compatibility, active lane guidance, and actual pictures of the exit (photo real junction) to make traveling unfamiliar areas a breeze. Of course, map updates and traffic information the device can provide are free of charge. Pick one up for about $399.99.

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