Should GPS Be Part of Dating?

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You have to wonder sometimes if the designers of the GPS network ever imagined that it would serve some of the purposes that it does today. From pinpointing small targets and giving officers greater control over troop placement, GPS has progressed to finding stolen iPads and ensuring that professional dog walkers are taking the correct routes during walks.


Now, GPS is ready to enter the dating game. Not as a client, but as a middleman, changing the way people meet each other. There are obvious advantages and very obvious disadvantages to this change; if you are single and looking for a way to meet that special someone, it is up to you to decide if you want GPS as your wingman.


Numerous new dating sites center their services on GPS-provided location data. Each user of one of these services allows their location to be accessed through their smartphone, and he can view the locations of other users as well. In the ideal situation, you can pull up a map, see who is in the same building as you are, decide whether they look like a good prospect, and meet them face to face. Think of it as a friend saying, “This person is right around the corner; these are her interests and this is what she looks like. Want to meet her?”.


Of course, there are many non-ideal situations as well. These would include an unwanted admirer walking up to you, leaving you no chance to pretend you’re not interesting in dating and forcing you into a conversation that you wish you weren’t involved in. Even worse, you could find that the person you meet up with is a dangerous person who has misrepresented himself on the dating site. Just as GPS makes it easier and quicker for legitimate couples to meet, it also makes it easier and quicker for criminals to find targets near them.


Using any dating service requires caution and common sense. Adding GPS technology to the mix just makes those requirements more important. If you feel comfortable with other singles seeing your location while you’re in line at the bank or watching a movie in the theater, these services could add some excitement to your dating life. If you enjoy retaining some control over when and where you meet a potential date, however, a GPS device may not be the best wingman for you.

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