toGuide Announces New Self-Drive Tour Experience

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GPS navigation technology is revolutionary to say the least. Although it was developed for the U.S. military, the civilian uses for navigation devices are growing by the day. Providing consumers with digital maps and turn-by-turn directions has helped empower drivers with the freedom and confidence to explore like never before. These devices are obviously useful running errands around town, but they’re even more helpful on vacation.


Last week, toGuide announced their latest solution for the self-drive touring industry. WIth the help of GPS technology, tourists are more likely to take their vacations into their own hands. toGuide helps these adventurers, by providing a one-stop solution for all their self-guided touring needs. The press release reads:


“Targeted for tour operators who look to offer city sightseeing GPS Audio Tours on the new electric Renault Twizy, the company uses it’s toGuide Xperience GPS Audio Guide mobile app to deliver fun, educational and entertaining audio commentaries triggered by GPS.”


“This is a significant milestone for this kind of tourism and is the culmination of years of working with clients that were requesting a one step solution fro one single provider,” said Daniel Bilhau, project director. “They want all in one. A solution that helps them save money and development time and this is at the same time custom made. This reflects our commitment to the self-drive tours industry.”


As popular tourist stops begin implementing toGuide’s experience, tourists will be able to enjoy eco-friendly, self-guided tours of their favorite destinations. The Renault Twizy was chosen because it runs on electricity and is perfect for city tours. The GPS navigation devices included in the electric vehicles will be programed with all the hot-spot destinations.

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