FL: Husband Busts Wife Cheating Using Her Phone’s GPS

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What do you do when you suspect your wife cheating? Well, a Florida man decided to turn to technology for help. More specifically, he used the GPS technology built in to his wife’s smartphone. Although there have been numerous cases of one spouse discovering the other spouse’s infidelity in this manner, this instance has details that are quite shocking.


38 year old Amie Neely was arrested by police in Port St. Lucie, FL and charged with felonious sexual assault after being discovered having sex in a car with a 16 year old foreign exchange student. This boy was one of two exchange students living with Neely and her husband. Amie Neely is also a teacher at Community Christian Academy, however there it is unknown whether or not Neely was the victim’s teacher.


According to statements given to police by the boy, he said that he took Neely to a location in close proximity to St. Lucie West Centennial High School where they hopped into the back seat of the vehicle. While they were having sex, Neely’s husband appeared out of nowhere, being led to their location using an app that pinpoints the GPS location given by her cell phone.


Neely’s reasoning for the incident: she claims it is all due to “midlife crisis.” She also told police that the boy was constantly asking her to have sex with him, and she complied in the hopes he would cease asking. In the boy’s statements to police, he said there were many other occasions upon which the two had sex, even in Neely’s home.


Community Christian Academy is fully cooperating with police in their investigation, and have terminated Neely. Norma Hammond, administrative director at the school, said, “Community Christian Academy is aware of a legal situation involving a teacher and we are cooperating with law enforcement officials who are dealing with this as an ongoing investigation. For that reason, we have no further comment at this time. We will be issuing a more detailed statement after meeting with school board and church leadership.”


Police reports say that neighbors contacted police after the boy appeared in their home claiming to have been kicked out of the Neely home “because he had sex with Amie.” The neighbors claim he confessed they’d slept together numerous times, stemming from hot and heavy text messages “referencing sexual connotations.”


Neely was released on $15,000 bail. Maybe the next time she decides to have a midlife crisis moment such as this, she’ll remember to leave the GPS enabled cell phone at home.

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