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You’re on vacation, and the kids want to pay a visit to the local theme park. Upon arriving, you search for the dreaded paper map of attractions which you know will end up lost, ripped, crumpled up in your pocket, or soaking wet from one of the water rides. Isn’t there an easier way?


MyGeoTrex Corporation has found a technological solution with the release of the MyGeoTrex (MGT) smartphone app that relies on your smartphone’s GPS location capabilities. With the MGT app, your entire attraction experience is taken to the next level, whether at a zoo, museum, theme park, mall, national park, or other various locations. Whether you are an organization or an individul, you can use the interactive multi-media content that knows where you are as well as what you are doing, in real-time. The app was launched on September 10, 2012 and has already received rave reviews. Places like the Kansas City Zoo, Phoenix Zoo, Palo Alto Zoo, and Arizona Sonora Desert Museum have already implemented the GPS location app.


“MyGeoTrex is the first social networking mobile application designed to leverage the smartphone’s powerful multi-media capabilities and location based technology into an open platform for creating and sharing enhanced multi-media content associated with specific locations anywhere in the world,” said founder and CEO of MyGeoTrex Corporation, Eric Small. “Now individuals, businesses, and organizations will be able to create rich, multi-media content for informational or entertainment purposes, and share it privately among individual friends or groups, or to the general public via the Web and mobile devices. The best way to describe MyGeoTrex is that mobile maps take you to the entrance, MyGeoTrex takes you inside.”


While there are other location-based apps you can install on your phone, this app is different. MGT takes all of the different multi-media features of the smartphone and puts them to work, giving the user the power to use text, video, and photo content alongside GPS technology. This is all perfect for the attractions themselves as they can develop as many GeoTrexpeditions they’d like without the usual associated app maintenance work. They don’t even have to notify users that they are part of the app: notifications are sent out to all MyGeoTrex users in the area automatically. Individuals who use the app are able to keep track of their vacation and share the details with GPS location information already taken care of.


Vice President and co-founder Steve earls said, “The need for businesses and organizations to have an economical means to enrich a guest’s visit by providing them a free smartphone guide was the driving force behind the development of MyGeoTrex. Now anyone, whether a business or individual, can use the free MyGeoTrex app to create a guide or tell a story and share with anyone they choose.”


Sorry, Android users: for now, you can only find this free app in the Apple App Store.

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