iPad GPS Tracking Helps Catch Criminals

GPS Criminal Tracking
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Long gone are the days of Dick Tracy and Philip Marlowe—that is, the quintessential American gumshoe. Magnifying glasses and trench coats are no longer part of the standard uniform, thanks to the Apple iPad. GPS tracking is making it easier than ever to catch criminals on the run who’ve made off with iPads (among other things).


For instance, after a truck was reported missing early one morning, Kansas City police responded to the call but lost track of the suspect in a vehicle chase. Luckily for the cops, an iPad in the truck was still transmitting, allowing the police to track the GPS signal to the criminal’s vicinity.


In a California case, a thief robbed a couple’s car of $4,000 worth of electronic equipment; stored in a backpack were multiple high-tech cameras, lenses … and an iPad. Thanks to the iPad GPS tracking system, the owner of the stolen goods was within a short time able to notify the police officer(s) with a general, up-to-date location of his iPad and, consequently, the thief. The criminal was arrested soon after, and the victim had his equipment back within a few hours.


The examples aren’t only limited to the United States. Victoria police in Australia are becoming increasingly more familiar with GPS tracking in devices like iPads and iPhones, etc. Two of the most important concerns in solving crimes involving GPS tracking are 1) whether or not the signal is strong and steady enough to provide a consistent trail to the criminal and 2) that officials follow up the investigation quickly before tech-savvy thieves can deactivate the GPS tracking and remove the iPad’s SIM card, rendering it untraceable. One Australia man received back his stolen property (iPad included) within six hours because the police successfully GPS tracked (aided by the “Find My iPad” app) and intercepted the thief.


Tech-savvy adults aren’t the only ones getting in on the action. In Tennessee, the home of an 8-yr-old boy and his family was ruthlessly robbed of jewelry, iPads, and other expensive items. Within about a week, the boy had successfully tracked his iPad via the “Find My iPad” app and, thanks to the police, helped recover more than $350,000 of his family’s valuables.

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