Global Positioning…Stalker?

GPS Criminal Tracking
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In November 2012, a Philadelphia man was charged with several accounts, one of which was stalking a Hatfield Township woman using a GPS tracking device he planted on her car. On a few occasions, he followed her to a restaurant she frequented and he even had detailed knowledge of where she lived. He continued stalked her for several months before the woman sent her car into a repair shop. There, the repairman discovered the tracking device and the police were notified shortly thereafter. This man remains incarcerated at a prison in Montgomery County.


Although this man’s motives and intentions were less than honorable in his use of the GPS system, you can see how thorough and efficient the system was in helping the criminal to keep track of his victim. He was able to use the device to pinpoint her exact location and follow her to her home and various other places she visited during the time that he stalked her. Of course, the GPS tracking system was not intended for low-lives and scoundrels to track and stalk innocent women. However, this story does demonstrate the effectiveness of the system and its ability to function smoothly and indicate the right location of the item it is tracking.


Most would use a GPS tracking system on their car for the purpose of tracking the car if it were stolen. Parents sometimes use the GPS device to keep track of teen drivers, or to keep an eye on a babysitter if they allow him or her to drive their children to the park or school. Just because it was used wrongly in one situation does not mean that the device is inherently evil or should be avoided.  Under normal circumstances, this tracking system is an excellent and wholesome tool that can greatly aid in locating ones vehicle.

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