GPS Tracking Watch Grows Functions with User Needs

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Who says a fitness buff ever took the obsession too far? Many have, to be sure, and the apps available for GPS enabled mobile devices aren’t helping any. One of the hottest new-ish sites to the app community is the Movescount App Zone maintained by Suunto. The apps are simple to create and are designed for just about any purpose. An app for chocolate consumption? Yes, there’s one for that. The user can have a calorie-blasting workout and ask the app just how much chocolate (and calories) he or she is now allowed to have as a reward. Most Movescount apps are used in conjunction with the Suunto Ambit GPS-enabled sports watch. It’s only 500 bucks.


Extreme Sports & GPS Tracking

Yeah, But It’s So Cool.

Suunto claims the watch is designed specifically for true adventurers—a technology “gadget” not for the faint of heart. The watch itself is water resistant and heavy duty for hard sporting, and according to the creators, has some of the most accurate altitude-measuring GPS technology available (for example, exploring remote, rough terrain); it is equipped with temperature reading, a barometer, and a 3 dimensional compass, with additional options to GPS tracking for routes and record interest points.


Now That’s Hard Core Training.

As previously mentioned, the Movescount community allows users to create easily their own customized apps, not all of them with a silly intent (as in the Usain Bolt app comparing the user’s sprinting speed to Bolt’s personal best record in the 100-meter). The Suunto Ambit seems ideal for long-distance race training, like (ultra-) marathons or triathlons. As the user requires more intense and more diverse methods of training, the Suunto Ambit is designed to grow with him or her. With the Suunto Ambit watch’s highly accurate GPS tracking technology (it features a SiRF IV chip), apps for marathon race times and hill running are indispensable to the hard core fitness buffs. The watch features a GPS integrated “accelerometer” for pace and distance, of-the-moment heart rate graphing and limits/zones, all of which can be tracked at The functions of the GPS tracked watch are always changing with the owner’s needs. Now, that’s personalized technology.


As for the Usain Bolt application—well, that’s just wishful thinking.

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